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Simple Steps to Get Started with Learning Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the significant breakthrough technologies of this century. AI is being used by us in many different ways knowingly or unknowingly. To mention a few, the automated messages (Thanks, welcome, no worries) while using a skype for communication, use of Google Assistant or Siri, playing video against computer partner, Google translate tools, and more. The possibilities of using AI is becoming endless.

Industries are exploring AI in areas like automation, data analysis and its insights, smart logistics, marketing, manufacturing, and so forth. As a result, the need for AI experts is growing in every industrial sector to explore, implement, research, and benefit from AI technology.

The understanding of technology leads to many opportunities for an aspirant to explore. Even if you don’t have any prior experience, you can learn Artificial Intelligence and start applying the knowledge in practice, create machine learning solutions, and get started with your new and trending career in AI. The long-term objectives of an AI expert include research to achieve creativity, general intelligence, and social intelligence.

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As a first step, you should learn Python, the most preferred programming language as its libraries are suited to machine learning. In addition, SQL is also preferred. Once you have a thorough understanding and practice in basics, it is recommended to learn advanced maths, SciKit-learn, NLTK, SciPy, PyBrain, and other libraries which will enable you to write algorithms. Let’s have a quick rundown on how to get started with learning AI.

Get started with learning Artificial Intelligence

Select Topics

Select a topic that interests you. If your domain is in marketing, look for problems related to customers like enhancing their online experience through recommendations, or if you are into data entry jobs, look for solutions to automate manual tasks, and so forth.

Selecting a topic of your interest keeps you motivated throughout the learning process. Focusing on a problem and looking for a solution helps you excel in the topic.

Find Solutions

Try to write an algorithm to process data into the form conceivable for machine learning. Train the model, provide result and evaluate performance. Practice step by step on your own using free open source AI tools. This will help you to become an AI programmer.

Evolve your solution

As you arrive at the basic solution, enhance each of the solution components and measure the impact. If essential, acquire more data and improve data cleaning as a pre-processing step and generate higher ROI.

Share Solutions

You may share the solutions on Kaggle datasets and Kaggle kernels. Writing about the solution will help you get feedback and comments from others. You may look at the problem in an entirely different way depending on people’s suggestions or look for different ways of solution for the same problem.

Participating in Kaggle’s competition

Participating in Kaggle’s competition provides you with a unique opportunity to discuss and team up with other participants. Kaggle’s community has a pool of diverse skill sets and helps you enhance your knowledge. It is a rich resource to know how others approached the problem and provide in-depth analysis along with simple ways to solve a problem.

Learn Artificial Intelligence professionally

Depending on the type of role you like to pursue, it is recommended to earn AI certification and practice professionally. Build a portfolio of projects by joining as an internee, keep solving problems in Kaggle, and start interviewing for positions.

Wrapping Up

The basic understanding of AI in business decisions is more valuable. Learn online courses and earn AI certification on this interesting technology. Start practicing the acquired knowledge and get ahead in your career.   

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