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Simple steps to prevent shrinkage of your clothes

Simple steps to prevent shrinkage of your clothes

It's hard to find clothes that you feel comfortable, make you look good, and just right. So when you do this, you want to make sure that you keep them the same way you did when you first purchased them. By following proper washing and drying techniques and knowing what to do in case of accidental shrinkage, you can keep your wardrobe looking new and fit. The Laundry Company UAE is one of the leading laundry and ironing companies in Dubai and offers a free pick up and drop service! Our washing experts take care of your clothes with the personal attention that is otherwise hard to find. In addition to the tailor-made service, our prices are very competitive, bag-friendly and suitable for everyone. Recently, Laundry service Dubai will provide some simple steps to prevent shrinkage on your clothes. The steps are as follows:


Wash clothes with cold water to prevent shrinkage. Just set the temperature of the washing machine to "cold". Many detergents are designed for cold water washing, and cold water can still be used to clean clothes. As a bonus, washing clothes in cold water requires less energy and can save you money on electricity and water. Use preset "fine" loops to help the garment maintain its original size and shape. This setting uses low agitation (and therefore less movement and shaking) and a slower, shorter rotation cycle to drain, which makes your clothes more likely to retain their original size and shape. Sometimes the loops automatically default to warm water wash. Use the controls on your machine to override the settings and change them to cold wash. Hand washes cotton, linen and silk garments to avoid shrinkage. All you need is a little washing powder and some water. It takes more time and effort, but washing clothes is one of the safest bets to prevent shrinkage and shape retention. Put wool and cashmere clothing in the dry cleaner. The labels on the clothes will tell you what type of material they are.


Use the lowest heat setting on the dryer. The less heat, the less shrinkage. If you forget to change this setting and keep the temperature at medium or high, you may shrink your clothes.

Some dryers can even choose to air dry. Drying the clothes in the machine for 15-20 minutes can help speed up the drying process, but removing them while they are still wet will help avoid excessive drying and help prevent shrinkage. After cleaning, hang your item on a pole or drying rack or on the outside of the clothesline to dry the garment in an energy-saving and shrink-proof manner. If you are drying outside, be sure to avoid hanging the wool in direct sunlight to avoid shrinkage and avoid stretching or damaging all clothing during high winds or storms.



Follow the instructions on the clothing label. These washing and drying instructions are specific materials included to help you properly care for your clothing

The laundry is sorted by fabric type prior to washing. If you are using a washing machine, separate the cotton, linen and silk garments separately. This will reduce time and is much easier than finding items that want to avoid shrinkage by sorting through a large number of wet clothes. A good way to do this is to set up a separate basket for the clothes you need to pay special attention to. In this way, they will be sorted out on the laundry day.Remove the clothes from the dryer immediately after drying. This reduces the front wrinkles, so you don't have to iron in the dryer or press the clothes permanently - this can cause additional heat shrinkage

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