Simple Tips to Use Car Dent Repair Kit Easily


A mild to moderate car dent can become a nightmare if you have to take the car all the way to the mechanic, wait for the repair out or even leave it for a day or two which is followed up the convenience issues to work and home. We haven’t counted the cost of repair yet but you know that’s a fair amount as well.
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The most feasible choice would be purchasing a reliable car dent repair kit. You must also know what a basic dent repair kit contains as any missing tool is the worst thing in between the task ongoing. A repair kit includes a dent puller/ lifter, suction dent puller, a flathead screwdriver, a tool bag, bridge puller, hot glue gun, 5 pry tools (usually), black puller tabs, yellow glue sticks, black glue sticks, small plastic shovels, an empty alcohol bottles (sometimes), cloth, and lastly an instruction manual. 

Repair kits are extremely helpful if you understand the instructions and it’s implications. Sometimes the paper instructions can be hard to understand, so here are some simple tips from us to make use of dent repair kits:

  • You can plunge the dents with any basic kit. The plunger method is pretty easy to fix the major dents in your car. You must properly wet the area of your car dent and the cup plunger. Keep plugging the dented area till the surface poops up into the place.
  • Clean the dented area of the car with a chemical cleaner, wash the surface and dry it with a cloth. The clearer the surface from paint scribbles and dirt the better suction puller will stick to the car.
  • There are different sorts of glues you use according to the measures of the dent. The glue gun is used to specifically apply glue on the suction pad. Always apply a thick layer of adhesive glue. 
  • If you are using center pads from the kit then make sure the tool fits in the middle of the damaged area. Hold banner clasp for five minutes and leave the puller firmly for six hours.
  • After you have broken the adhesive bond there will be still left a bit of the glue on the surface. For the rest of the glue use a flathead screwdriver and some alcohol if you face difficulty removing.wipe the area dry, apply primer and paint for a finishing look.
  • The tool that labels as a suction cup is also used to repair minor dents. This kind of dent puller pops out the dent from behind. You further user filler and paint to remove dent marks. 

While you go around and shop for dent repair kits remember that the price ranges with the quality and quality of tools. Some tools are required for heavier jobs but you might not need those for a simple repair of a dent at home. To make sure that you pick the right toolbox, consult the supervisor or customer service of the place and let them know your expertise level. 

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