Simple Ways To Clean Your Carpet


Keeping your home clean always is a way to maintain good health. And while there have been several heated debates on Reddit forums and Quora forums about how often should one clean the carpet. In this post, I will show you 2 simple methods to keep your carpet clean depending on your budget and cleaning capacity. However, if you’d rather schedule your carpet cleaning work with a highly-skilled professional in Irvine, this carpet cleaning Irvine is all you need.

Without much ado, let’s get started with method number one.

Do It The Cinderella Way

Though this is rather a crook approach to cleaning your carpet, tiles, and rugs, it is

super-effective. All you need is a bucket of soap solution with a scrubbing brush, a wiping napkin, and a scraper. You’ll also need another bucket of clean water with a water-absorbent towel for wiping. See the full step-by-step below.

  • Sweep first; the first thing you want to do is sweep the carpet surface and every tight corner to be free of hard particles. You may otherwise use a vacuum cleaner though.
  • Scrub the sticky dirt; starting with the sticky messes and removing them first will make your work easier. This should be done with your scrubbing brush or a scrapper, either of both in your bucket of water solution. If your water gets dirty at the end of this, a replacement is a must.
  • Wash the easy messes; using a soft brush, brush off the carpet surface gently to soften the easy messes and remove them as they loosen up.
  • Clean off; to avoid the sticking of soap on your carpet, wipe off the dirty soap water using a water-absorbent towel which you will frequently rinse in a bucket of clean water as it gets dirty.
  • Dry; finally, mop off the moisture away from the carpet using a dry towel. Depending on how big your space is, you will need more than one drying towel. You may also need to turn on the fan or use other drying equipment around you to speed up the drying process.

Note; if you’re cleaning an entire building or more than one room, each room should be treated one after the other. Another thing though, make sure you clean the less messy rooms first.


Otherwise, you would get your water dirty quickly and will need to make more replacement than

necessary. This will not only drain you faster but will also slow down the entire process.

Steam Mops

If you want a chemical-free cleaning, then this is for you. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are multiple brands of steam-based mops that you can use for a more professional result. Especially if you have sensitive skin or want to avoid all the back pains and

headaches from bending, squatting, and crouching in the previously-shared method, a

steam-based mop designed especially for carpets will make your life a whole lot easy. Though the operation of your steam-based mop will be written in your manual, below, I have shared a step-by-step guide on how to use a steam-based mop.

  • Fill the tank; steam-based mops generally come with a water tank in which there’s a built-in heater. Fill the tank accordingly and make sure the tank cap or seal is well secured before connecting to a power source.
  • Heat Up; connect to a power source and wait as your water is converted to steam. Most steam-based mops prepare steam in 30 seconds or 60 seconds.
  • Scrape; your mop should come with a scraper like 75% of the steam-based mops I have reviewed so far. Use it to scrape off the dry and hard messes.
  • First-round cleaning; go ahead to make the first pass of mopping from the less messy rooms to the more messy ones.
  • Final cleaning; the second round of cleaning will leave your carpet squeaky clean.

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