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Simple ways to make your special someone’s birthday special

Birthdays are indeed special and everyone likes to be loved and made happy on their birthday. It correctly is stated as a special day. It becomes even more special when you are with your special someone and can enjoy the occasion together joyfully and blissfully. Your partner does not want you to make the day extremely extravagant and lavish. What matters to them is the insurmountable and unconditional love you showcase them with your small and cute actions. Let us look at some subtle and simple ways in which you can showcase your love to your partner and make their birthday extra special.


Handwritten cards


In this modern age of extravagant gifts and commercial birthday cards and postcards, a handwritten birthday card can go a long way. You can write down about the cute moments you both have been through and describe the insurmountable love you have for your partner. It surely can be one of the best birthday morning gifts. Waking up with a handwritten card from your special someone is one of the sweetest things in the whole world. Just for some sweet pun, you can even write a funny and romantic handwritten card.


Simple and random bouquets and cakes 


The flowers and cakes do not necessarily have to be something that you give to your loved ones at the party or at the end of the day when everyone is around in the cake-cutting ceremony. These are sweet gifts that can be given at any time of the day. Bring flowers with the handwritten cards and surprise your partner. Start the meal of the day with a sumptuous cake. Romantic and colorful cakes are the best, and you can now place a red velvet cake order online along with various other cakes of different flavors through a variety of online bakers. 


Cute gifts all over the day


Giving one sumptuous gift for the whole day is too mainstream, do something different this time around. Fit in small and cute gifts in your partner’s daily routine. You can go hiding a gift in the fridge, sweets in the mailbox, balloons, and gifts tied on the doorknob, etc. These sweet gifts will surprise your partner at every hour of the day and will keep on spreading little chunks of happiness time and time again. These recurring gifts will fill in the whole day with truck-loads of happiness all around.


Wish them with a happy birthday song at midnight


This probably is one of the well-known and unique things to do on your partner’s birthday. Even if you sing badly, you can still prepare a small birthday song and surprise your partner at midnight by performing for them your own little gig. The chords won’t matter to them, what matters is the emotion and the love. Although you can also hire a singer and make them wish your partner with a melodious song on your behalf. That way you can showcase your love and make the song bearable for your partner.


What are you waiting for? Go make their birthday extra special.

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