How to Simplify Your Strategy & Make them More Meaningful

As the business leader, you want to execute a meaningful strategy which would be easily understood by everyone in your organization. Because if the people don’t know where the company is heading then they won’t be able to contribute to its journey. Here’s how to simplify your strategy and make them meaningful.

  • The organization can have only one strategy with many plans and ideas on how to deliver it. Having multiple strategies is only confusing which ruins the big picture for everyone. The right preparation, execution and follow-through is required to make it successful. According to Donald Sully, you must ask these three questions on a regular basis to get clear on your strategy implementation-what are the key drivers of your company? What are the critical challenges that your company is facing? Did you identify the must-win battles? Focus on the main problem and look at the internal & external challenges, must-win battles and drivers. To have effective global strategy and leadership, this is helpful in bridging the gap between strategic insight and productive implementation. The best global leadership program can help in learning this aspect of business more.
  • A complicated strategy is hard to execute so you have to constantly simplify its essence to be understood and remembered. You have to understand how can it make a difference? To have effective global strategy and leadership it must have a meaningful impact. Sometimes even the great strategies is too complicated and needs to be simplified. The purpose of a simple strategy is to clarify all the resources that you need to get in order to get started. Focus on getting your strategy down onto one page only! Make your priorities clearly memorable and refer to the original strategy in each and every context. Thus people will get the idea. Know more about helpful global leadership program which can be taught to your people in order to get more creative with strategy.
  • If possible, visualize your strategy! Have a picture to go with your strategy. This makes the global strategy and leadership meaningful and more people would be able to connect with it.
  • Developing a limited set of key strategic and business outcomes would help you to stay aligned. Just have one key strategic indicator and keep remembering it! This helps in simplifying the whole process of global strategy and leadership.
  • Start off the preparation by setting the dates for discussion on the strategy. Form a strategic thinking council and start setting weekly meetings to discuss about the strategic decisions along with SWOT analysis and 4Ps of marketing which is product, price, place & promotion. Search about Ogilvy’s 4Es of marketing and add it to the ongoing discussions. This will get the strategic juices flowing. Search for the best global leadership program for your employees in order to make them understand more about it.
  • Conduct an employee survey anonymously where people can put their helpful insights as it will be useful in determining the priorities. Ask three simple questions such as – what should our company start doing? What should our company stop doing? What should our company keep doing? Along with employee feedback, get the input of customers as well to get the overall idea. Then get to know about the patterns and trends from the input. People who attended the discussion, ask them to send the top three issues that they feel must be addressed immediately.

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