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Six Behaviours to Avoid Right After Getting Tattoos

You have got inked and left the shop behind.

Now you have to take care of the tattoo you invested in, so it seamlessly lasts for an eternity.

The following write-up specifies certain behaviours to avoid, or else all the money and effort spent will go down the drain within just the first month. Please check it out right away.

1.      Re-bandaging

On completion, a tattoo is wrapped in a bandage – it keeps the airborne germs, or in other words, the chances of infection at bay. You can remove it after 24 hours, but make sure to never re-apply a new bandage again. The tattoo needs to breathe.

2.      Exposure to Sunlight

The experts who keep Thailand tattoo prices reasonable said exposing the freshly-inked skin to sunlight is outright detrimental.

If your chosen job or education, or the climate of your region does not let you cover your body when you venture out during the day, slather a substantial amount of sunscreen. Artificial tanning beds are off-limits.

3.      Picking, Rubbing, Scratching, and Touching

Even the people who have just got their license and just planning on starting a tattoo business know picking, rubbing, scratching, or touching prolongs the recovery period.

Yes, the skin will itch, but you have to resist the urge to go hard at it. Try distracting yourself or pat gently with a soft paper towel. When showering, use your hands to clean and not a loofah.

4.      Shaving

This behaviour depends on the body part you got the tattoo on. Of course, if you have your precious design on your hip, you can go ahead and shave your face.

Do not shave the tattooed area unless it has healed fully. Scraping a sort of wound with a razor seems preposterous. You may end up pulling the scabs before they were dry or, worse, distort the entire design.

5.      Exposure to Water

According to the experts working for the best tattoo place in Thailand, showering is fine, but submerging the skin in water will force the ink to leak. Also, swimming pools contain chlorinated water, as well as a wide range of chemicals that may irritate the tissues lying underneath.

6.      Choose One: Dry Healing, Wet Healing, or Wrap Healing

If you found an open tattoo shop and got inked there already, it is time to pay attention to the healing process. You may choose any of the stated -

Dry healing does not allow you to rely on any kind of balm, moisturiser, lotion, or serum.

Wet healing is the most common practice that allows the usage of unscented moisturising products.

In wrap healing, you have to keep the tattooed area wrapped in plastic. You can remove the plastic when showering or cleansing. Some studies have shown that plastic facilitates healing by locking the natural moisture of the skin.

The experts with tattoo shops open in your locality as well as the ones practicing internationally know how well it will be to eliminate the aforementioned behaviours.

You may carry out the aftercare instructions diligently yet encounter problems with the healing. Well, then visit your artist right away as only he/she can allay the fears, suggest an alternative treatment, or send you for medical intervention.

Have you got a tattoo from the best artist in your area? If yes, you must now practice aftercare so that the tattoo heals quickly and lasts long. There are certain behaviours that you must get rid of, starting from venturing out in the sun without sunscreen, swimming, and in general skin picking.

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