Six Proven Ways to Extend the Life of Your Area Rugs



As you may be aware, an area rug is a significant investment, not just in the form of finance but also in terms of saving information; it takes to sift through hundreds of options before finding the ideal one for your house.

 Regular vacuuming and basic decency, such as avoiding stepping on it with dirty shoes, are efficient methods to maintain your rug clean. Still, there are a few additional suggestions that will not only assist preserve but also extend the life of the rug. Professional Oriental rug washing cleaners believe that the best way to clean carpets is with water and no harsh chemicals.


Some effective rules


 Spill Containment

 Any spills on your carpeting should be cleaned as soon as possible. Use an absorbent substance like salt to clean up accidents involving colored liquids such as soft drinks. The salt should then be vacuumed away, and the residue should be cleaned using a damp cloth. In the event of a spill, use a hairdryer on both ends of the rug to dry the affected area; only choose the warm setting.


Move your area rug 180 degrees once a year or every few weeks if there is a lot of usages. Rotation guarantees that all sections of the rug are subjected to light and traffic in a consistent manner, resulting in equal aging. Otherwise, you will end up with a rug with one part that is significantly worn or faded in comparison to the others.

Threads That Are Not Tied Tightly

It is never a good idea to overlook a rug with loose threads or tugs. Cut the strands near the surface using scissors. Understand that carpets are woven, and pulling out these threads can cause serious structural damage.


Using a rug pad below your rug is beneficial in a variety of ways. Not only do these pads protect your carpet from dragging, but they also act as a cushion between your rug and the ground, preventing the texture from being crushed and reducing wear while keeping its look.

Avoiding destruction to your area rug by carefully preserving it will guarantee that it may be used again after extended periods of storage. Clean out any debris using a vacuum cleaner or soft brush, and then stuff it with mothballs to keep insects away and roll it tightly into a cylinder. The rug must be kept dry and out of direct sunlight.

 Few tips

 One of these techniques is to have your rug done professionally and washed if it has been affected by the unpleasant odor of pet stains and urine. If you choose to go this path, make sure you use a firm that knows how to properly deal with pet stains and urine clean-up.

To disintegrate and remove pet spots and urine, most businesses employ active enzymes. These are microorganisms that fight and clean up the stain left by your pet. The germs off-gassing from an animal accident are what you smell. Because of the mineral deposits generated by the urine, the live bacteria emit an awful smell.

Dye bleeding may develop as a consequence of the large PH levels urine absorbs into the carpet if not addressed immediately. A soaking pit can be used for thick urine deposits. The hole is usually filled with enough water to immerse a carpet entirely. After that, strong deodorizing chemicals and active enzymes are applied to the area rug and left to sit for eight to ten hours.

The usual wash procedure begins after the pee has been cleaned. To eliminate any leftover cleaning agent that may have been overlooked, the large rug is washed on a concrete wash floor and vigorously washed with freshwater resources. The area rug is then wrapped up and placed in a centrifuge, where ninety-five percent of the water is removed by spinning.

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Pet urine and stain removal can be a difficult situation to deal with. As much as we all adore our dogs, there are moments when we cannot tolerate them for some of their rash actions. However, if addressed quickly and effectively, this issue can be resolved.