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Six Things to Consider BEFORE You Sign The Divorce

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Divorce isn't something with just a piece of paper. It consists of everything about your lifestyle and financial statements after being separated from your partner. Divorce in Hawaii is where the couple finishes the race of not wanting each other together. 

As it is not only a piece of paper to sign on, here we've mentioned some things you should consider before filing the divorce papers.

1. Interview Lawyers

A qualified attorney is a best and first choice you should make before considering or signing the divorce agreement. You can consider interviewing a few lawyers to find the one that has the right skills and understand your case.  

2. Make clear goals for custody

Know that you guys are getting separated from each other, not the children after getting a divorce. Make sure you plan your child's custody before you eventually sign the divorce agreement. In case you get custody of the child, then know if your partner wants to spend quality time with their child. Have a conversation with your partner or the child support lawyer Honolulu to understand how child custody works. 

3. Know about your living place

Make a clear understanding of whether you want to live in the same home or get ready with a plan to move out. Decide whether you will be moving out or your partner. Considering the living place will save you from unexpected living place problems. 

Decide and make sure you have the right place after you both get divorced from each other. You can even take suggestions from your lawyer to know what option will suit you the best.

4. Collect every document

The main proof for a divorce case totally depends on documents. Make sure you gather all your documents such as phone records, financial records, and car or home loan papers. In the case of joint accounts related to savings or debts, ensure you get copies of each account’s details.

Gathering each document before you meet your attorney would be considered a smart decision. Collect every document beforehand to save yourself from any possible issue.

5. Closure of joint debts

It would be best if you did not forget to close all the loans or debt accounts in the joint between you and your partner. A joint name of you in the debit account may make you pay the amount or hold your credit score when your partner refuses to pay it in the future. 

You should not allow your spouse to take advantage of you financially. You should consider checking each of the accounts to see if there are any chances for you to close or remove your name from the debt.

6. Be emotionally ready

You should not overlook the aspect of being emotionally ready. It may take time to let go of the past; butthere is no use in interviewing a skillful lawyer or gathering all the relevant documents without you being mentally prepared. Surround yourself with all the trusted people that will help you during this difficult time.

In case you have certain financial means, you can even consult and speak about your mental health to a professional therapist. Make sure you let your close ones know you need moral and advice support. Being completely ready for mentally and emotionally stable will help you to make the right decision.

To wrap up

These were the essential things you should take into consideration while filing for a divorce. In such an emotional ride, working with a qualified lawyer is highly suggested. And for such a case, Farrell & Perrault family law attorneys will help you get your case to solve quickly. Reach out to them and have a free consultation.  

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