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Six Types of Technology That Would Benefit Your Business

When running your business, you want to find options that make the work day run efficiently for yourself and your employees. Adding certain aspects of technology to your company can make tasks simpler for those who work for you as well as get your name out to current and potential customers. Many of these systems can work well with each other as well as protect your information. Here are a few ideas that will benefit your company.


When you are setting up the technology in your business, the security to protect it all should be your first priority. You should have a physical firewall installed somewhere in the building and each device should be attached to it in some way. Every workstation should have a software firewall activated as well. Many operating systems have this installed when you purchase your computers. You can buy and install one as well. You should also get a form of antivirus or animalware to stop infected emails and other programs from shutting down your systems. Contacting an expert in cybersecurity or hiring someone with those qualifications would also be very beneficial in the event that you have an issue or have questions. Back up the data from your computers and servers every night in case you are compromised and you need to restore your system. Having this information sent to a cloud server secures it at another location if anything were to happen to your physical building. Be sure to add a level of security to this method if you choose it to prevent hackers from stealing the data you are sending to the cloud. 


Your employees might only be concerned about the computer in front of them to do their work. However, having each system on a network can assist them to be more efficient. They will have access to enterprise printing, giving them the option to have a report ready at any printer in the building. They can access files on other systems throughout the company which allows your staff the opportunity to share information quickly and confidentially. Emailing the same data gives hackers the chance to steal it. If you also set up a virtual private network, or VPN, they can retrieve what they need from the comfort of their home or any offsite location. This works great if they are presenting at a client’s office and need to show a potential customer something that may be omitted from their laptop.


Having a place for potential clients to learn about your company is crucial to your success. You can do this for your customers by uploading pictures of your business, the products and services that you offer, and the way that they can contact you to a website that represents your organization. You can also add an online store for them to purchase items or set up appointments while they are in their home instead of reaching out to you. This caters to anyone in the world and can open up an entire new market for you. You can also set up an internal site or a hidden page only for your employees to share company information with them, host a corporate calendar of events, or any other information you wish to share with them. 

Customer Service Software

While having the technology to drive new customers to your business is important, it is equally critical to have a system that tracks their orders, what items they prefer to buy, and when the last time they were contacted was. Research for the correct Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, program that will fit your needs. Learn how to enter the information into the software correctly so that you can ensure what data you have is current and can accurately reflect your clients needs. Encourage your staff to use this program to reach out to your customers with new products they might be interested in or to see how they are doing and if there is anything your company can help with. This is also a great system to compile a list of potential clients who might want to do business with you. 

High Speed Internet

While it seems like a simple thing, investing in the highest speed of internet available for your area will keep your company running efficiently. Waiting for a file or message to download due to slow internet service will leave your employees with little to do while they wait for their information to come to them. This is especially true if the project they are working on is critical and needs their entire attention. Contact the internet providers who are around you and get pricing for their highest speed of connection. You should also reach out to friends and colleagues to see who they use and recommend. You might find that a company has the lowest price but also has the most downtime or complaints.

Application Software

With the advances in technology, your cell phone, tablet, and many computer systems run by applications, or apps, instead of by software programs. You can get a jump on your competition by developing apps for your company. This allows anyone who would be interested in your products to download your application onto their phone then explore it at their leisure. You can develop it so that they can make their purchases from their phone instead of being redirected to a website or a phone number. Research app builders, looking for ones who have designed programs that relate to your business, then reach out to them for their pricing. You can also ask your staff to see if any of them have the experience to do this. This tool can bring additional sales to your company as well as put you ahead of those in your market. Having the right tools on hand for your employees can help their work day go easier and make them more productive. Investing in certain types of technology allows them to forge better relationships with your customers, reach out to new clients, and communicate with each other quicker.

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