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Ski and recreational holiday in Oberwiesenthal

Oberwiesental is the highest German town, located in Saxony on the border with the Czech Republic. The ski resort is nestled in the Ore mountains, which means stunning scenery as well as numerous activities options. Here, perfect slopes for skiing and snowboarding in winter as well as great paths for hiking and riding a monster scooter in warm seasons are available for tourists. In this article, we have put together must-try activities for you to arrange the best trip.

Take a ride with the Fichtelbergbahn (Fichtelberg railway)

If you want to enjoy the rustic atmosphere, admire the emerald meadows, and the fascinating Ore mountains, you should take a ride with the local narrow-gauge railway. Two trains, operating in the high season, will bring you from Cranzahl to Oberwiesenthal across the magnificent landscapes of the countryside. This route is extremely beloved by hikers and bikers since the train will take you to the starting point of many hiking tracks in the Fichtelberg area. Nevertheless, tourists who merely long to experience the romantic ride are cordially welcomed.

Go skiing in the Fichtelberg ski resort

The ski area is particularly fancied by the newcomers: here, in a not overcrowded place, you can pick up the basics of skiing or snowboarding. There is 15.5 km of pistes available. Among them, 6.8 km of easy slopes, 6.1 km of intermediate, and 2.6 of difficult ones. Besides, 6 lifts are at guests’ disposal, whereas the altitude of the resort is between 911 and 1,215 m. Take into account that the ski pass rate is €32 for adults and €27 for children. Also, in the snowpark, visitors can enjoy various areas, namely the family-fun-area, slide-area as well as jump-area.

Enjoy spa and wellness facilities

As Oberwiesental is a nationally recognized air spa, its climate is beneficial for health, and there is a wide range of spa complexes in the surroundings. Here, you can reduce daily stress and enjoy numerous spa treatments: sauna, massage, indoor and outdoor pools with panoramic views, and much more to take a cure for your body and soul. Note that most of the hotels have wellness areas - you can find a proper accommodation option as well as learn more about the resort on HotelFriend.

 Explore the diverse underwater world in the Marine Aquarium

Another hotspot in Oberwiesenthal is the Marine Aquarium on the Fichtelberg where visitors are able to admire the abundance of colors and shapes. Seahorses, living fossils, corals, and many other marine wildlife species are here for you to explore. Besides, you can observe numerous bizarre and rare arachnids, beetles, crabs, and even crocodiles.

Go for a ride with a Monsterroller (monster scooter)

Daredevils can get an adrenaline rush by riding a monster scooter during the Oberwiesenthal tour. After having got to the Fichtelberg summit, you can rent equipment in the k1 testcenter and enjoy a thrilling ride on curvy hiking tracks. The length of the tour is about 4 km and it doesn’t require any special skills. Gear yourself up and enjoy it!

 Reach the summit with the Fichtelberg cable car

Whether you want to get to the mountain peak to ride the wind in your hair or contemplate the splendid Ore mountains, you can do it with the Fichtelberg cable car. It’s considered as the oldest funicular in Germany (operating since 1924) and it will take you to the top station at 1,208 meters. Here, you can find the observation tower that offers an all-round view of not only the majestic German mountains but also the Bohemian Central Uplands in the Czech Republic.

Gird up your loins and enjoy your mountain vacation in Oberwiesenthal!

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