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Skills Management Software: What It Is and How It Can Maximize Employees’ Productivity

Skills management software is one of the blessings to corporate management. For every Chief Executive Officer (CEO), line manager, and business owner, maximizing employees' skills for optimal productivity is paramount.

This is why discussions surrounding the topic usually dominate conversations in all industries.

If you don’t understand the concept of Skills Management Software, read on as we elucidate what it means and entails.

To fully understand what it means, we will break it down by explaining each word in the phrase so that you will be able to make complete sense of it.

What are skills?

Skills are developed talents or dexterity that come from training or practice. They are simply abilities to perform or do a job well. You may call it competence or expertness.

What is Management?

Management, unlike skills, is a process. Depending on how you want to see it, it is either an act or art, but deals with conducting, supervising or controlling things/people to achieve a goal.

The process of management involves planning, decision making, motivation, leading, and supervising financial, physical, information and human resources.

What is Software?

Software is an intermediary between a user and a computer. Machine language (computer language) is different from human language. Software helps translate our instruction into a language the computer can understand and thus be able to execute a desired action.

What is Skills Management Software?

With the understanding of what skills, management and software simply means, we can therefore deduce that skills management software can be described as a tool to help use the computer to manage employees' competence.

It helps identify key data that a typical manager may non-deliberately overlook. This kind of software may determine the success or failure of a manager. Simply put, the competence of the software will affect the quality of data it produces.

Informed selection

Every manager aims to build a formidable team. And the only way of getting this right is possessing the ability to choose the best persons for individual tasks.

Skills management software offers the simplicity of people’s skills analysis to provide quality reports that can help any manager to assess and choose the best person for certain jobs.

It also helps to screen applicants for a job by informing them who does and who doesn’t possess the required skill for the job. This saves the time that ought to have been spent interviewing lots of candidates and at the same time saves the company from employing the wrong person which could result in a waste of salary.

Cost effective

A skill management software can help identify and decide on training specific sets of employees needed instead of just making assumptions and spending on unnecessary training.

Some skill management software has features that can handle employees’ skills matrix charts. This usually comes in handy for HR and management staff to keep track of the skills available in the company. Also, it helps to detect which ones the present employees can learn and those that will require hiring new sets for employees to efficiently handle future projects.

Maximized Workforce ROI

Efficiently aligning employees with their best-fitted jobs tremendously improves productivity. This invariably maximizes the company’s workforce Return on Investment (ROI).

Skills management software may help compute useful data for this purpose through questionnaires, assessments and other research-based processes.

Ameliorate employees happiness

People who do what they love tend to be happier at their work. In a survey report by Harvard Business Review, the number of people actively engaged in their work is less than 20%. Some of the factors identified by the report include job variety and the need to learn new things, as well the level of individual autonomy enjoyed by the employee.

Skill management software as stated earlier can help to identify the skills employees need to be more competent. When people are skillful in what they do and feel appreciated for it, they would be more than willing to learn more to be better than this.

Assessing employees performance and promotion

Certain skill management software are equipped with talent management software to help gauge how your employees are performing on their given tasks. Such software can help to answer certain questions like Are they performing as expected? Who do we need to add to this team? Who needs to go? and so on.

It can also help make informed decisions when it comes to promotion. HR and managers can use skill management software to determine who has the best leadership skills among a team due for promotion. This saves decisions that could have been blinded by a single performance. Here is a Forbes article to clarify the last sentence you just read: “Most managers in the workforce were promoted because they were good at what they did, and not necessarily good at making the people around them better.”

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