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Skin Camouflage Helping People Suffering From Vitiligo

People suffering from skin-related ailments and diseases are common to see all over the world. One such disease that is on the rise is Vitiligo. Vitiligo is the type of disease that does not cause pain or irritation of the skin but leaves white patches of skin all over the body. This type of disease tampers with the overall look of the person. People suffering from Vitiligo often suffer from a lack of confidence and start having self-doubt. 

Losing skin elasticity over time is quite natural. You may have noticed when applying makeup before a function or rubbing your eyes in the morning that your skin does not bounce the way it used to.

Skin elasticity could be defined as the skin’s capacity to stretch yet return to its original shape. Also known as elastosis, loss of skin elasticity compels the skin to appear leathery, crinkled, or saggy. Starting from an unhealthy diet to ultraviolet rays of the sun – a wide range of factors is usually held responsible for


Vitiligo cannot be treated permanently, but there are techniques through which one can hide these white patches all over them. The best way to do so is by using skin camouflage for Vitiligo


What Is Skin Camouflage?


Skin camouflage is a type of skin product that veils or covers ups the white patches, and in most cases, these products are waterproof. This implies that you can get wet without having to worry about it washing off. Thus cover creams are waterproof and can be applied to any space. These skin camouflages also have some sun screening properties, although it would be very wise to consider none of the skin camouflage to be a full sunblock product. This camouflage can be applied over or under makeup and cosmetic establishment, which incorporates eyeshadow, blusher, and lipstick and can be applied over the disguise. They generally keep going for around 12-18 hours on the face and as long as four days on the body.


Skin camouflage for Vitiligo creams can be applied to the white patches of skin. The creams are made to coordinate with your normal skin tone. Also, the cream assists with mixing the white patches with the remainder of your skin, so they are not as recognizable. Your primary care physician can suggest a skin disguise cream in situations where you need to utilize it and only in situations when there is some special occasion and whatnot. One must not wear this cream 24*7 as it may harm the skin even further.


Witch hazel has become an integral part of several skincare products. It has abundant tannins, a plant compound with strong antioxidant properties that protect the skin when rubbed topically. Besides contributing to skin volume, witch hazel also cures both inflammatory (pustules and cysts) and non-inflammatory (blackheads and whiteheads) acnes.




People suffering from Vitiligo are rising in a significant amount daily. These people dont feel any pain or irritation due to this disease, but their confidence does get hampered as their looks get damaged. Skin camouflage is one of the best ways to hide the white patches that they get from Vitiligo. These creams are waterproof and tend to last a long duration of time. Apart from the ways stated above, you may also change your lifestyle to retain skin elasticity for a prolonged period. For example, put on sunscreen always before venturing out during the daytime.

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