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Skydiving Fast and Easy

Parachuting occurs when a parachuting instructor restrains students who are engaged in skydiving. This is because the teacher can teach students at all stages of diving. This is the most common method of parachuting, as students' expectations are lower and students feel more secure.


Before you start continuous skydiving, you will notice that this equipment is different from traditional skydiving equipment. For example, use a parachute, and ordinary paratroopers do not need this parachute. This type of parachute is used to slow down the aircraft shortly after departure. The main canopy is also larger. It can be more than 360 square feet. This is necessary because the canopy must support two people instead of one, and as always, there is a spare canopy required by the FAA, with an automatic activation device to prevent the canopy from falling below a certain height. Click here for more informative information


9 things you can look forward to when parachuting:


1. You must sign a waiver form before participating in the parachute.


2. After meeting with the coach, put on some equipment. This set includes long clothes, glasses and holders. Wrist straps are not usually used in individual skydiving. A special splash crept into the sky. The instructor will then draw up specific rules, including how to get off the plane and the correct body shape during the dive.


3. You will reach the height required for skydiving. The door may be open so you can dive easily. You have to jump at a certain time, because the landing place is also very special. You can't join sooner or later. The ride is expected to take an average of 20 minutes and can be cold and difficult.


4. You can also choose a jump height, usually from 9,000 to 14,000 feet.


5. Expect the jump to be more like a jump than a jump. You and your coach are sitting on the floor, so slowly walk to the door until you sit on the edge. When you need to dive into the sky, you both slip out of the plane and go into dive mode.


6. The trainer asks you to bend your back and make your body look like a banana. This allows you to stay focused. Your trainer will be tied to your back.


7. Skydiving doesn't seem to take long. If you jump from a height of 14,000 feet, you can expect 60 seconds of free fall. If you jump from a height of 9,000 feet, the estimated free fall time is less than 30 seconds. There will be a light breeze and you may not hear anything, as the resistance of your body and the trembling of comfortable clothing mean that it will be stiff.


8- You will feel the parachute during the flight. The air can push you. From there, the parachute descends to the ground like a spinning wheel. Calm down so you and your coach can talk about upcoming trials and landing.


9. A few minutes after the parachute takes off, the instructor tells you to stretch your legs and land. Your landing will slide along the beach. It's soft and you will support it. Yes, you can see some divers swimming with a mask, but perhaps more experienced divers. In this case, you make a series of descents to the sky, which means that you must follow the path that your teacher tells you so as not to harm you both.


Parachute blasts are dangerous. If you want to know about the risks, note that there are about 2 million paratroopers in the world every year. About 35 people die every year. Some of these deaths were not always due to the jump itself, but due to a plane crash.

The most important thing to hope for is to enjoy the thrill of skydiving. Sometimes this risk is just fascinating. Although it is important to assess the risks associated with skydiving, it is important to understand that driving to work is also a high-risk activity. In order to jump with a parachute, it is a very pleasant feeling, a number of safety measures have been taken.

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