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Skylight Maintenance - Things You Should Never Ignore

Dating back to ancient Roman architecture, a skylight is a light-transmitting window like structure installed in several forms on the particular or all areas of the roof of any residential or commercial building. Skylight also known as roof light windows are used for natural daylighting purposes. The illumination from this lighting can cover up the whole interior wall depending on the design. Modern skylights are manufactured in glass, plastics, and steel border materials. 

Since the concept of light conversion has given a lead and motivation in manufacturing skylights with more innovative designs, transmission options, and efficiency rating systems. The performance measures of skylight include thermal performance, preserving and utilizing daylight potential, durability, and fire resistance. 

Skylight becomes a big selling point for homebuyers but only if maintained previously that presented its own special challenges. This beautiful architectural design is an outstanding feature of most homes and proper maintenance and repair can extend the life of skylights. Skylights need as much attention and inspection as any other annual home maintenance. The proper maintenance of skylights improves safety,   insulation and energy efficiency. Along with routine cleaning as a part of maintenance, you should never ignore the following indicators as a check and balance of skylights:

  • Leaks are the most appeared issue while maintaining and repairing skylights. Leaks are often caused by problems with the faulty flashing and improper installments cause drip into the house. Look for any staining or bulging and leaks around the skylight drywalls. If the signs happen to be around winters then opt for emergency skylight repair Toronto to help with the sudden repairs.
  • windblown debris or falling branches can seriously crack and damage the glass of the skylight which can supposedly be very harmful. In such cases contact an experienced roofing contractor. 
  • Most skylights are required to be open for ventilation and air circulation. The gears can be operated both manually and by machine and cause the jam. Check the skylight seal, opening, machinery, and frame.. Broken pieces may need comprehensive repairs.
  • You should be aware of any excessive condensation, deteriorating roof shingles, and fracture within the weather sealing which severely damages skylights.
  • Windows are exposed to strong heat, sunlight and a high level of humidity, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you have a timber skylight frame, it should be treated by a professional at least every two-four years and cover gaskets as well.
  • While cleaning you should never ignore the contact of silicone with the pane. Avoid any sanitary products containing abrasive particles or the use of chemicals for pane cleaning. 
  • Skylights installed at high or out of reach level in accordance with average human height are controlled by an electric motor. If the motor doesn’t seem to operate properly or is working with delays, contact a professional to repair the electrical unit. 
  • Over time the frame of skylights gets damaged. Check your skylight frame run a bead of silicone caulk around the frame to seal it and prevent any further leaks.
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