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Sleeve Tray boxes and Flip-top packaging are trendy styles for cigarette boxes?

Visual impression leaves a significant impact on consumer psychology. Quality matters, but visual also matters while selecting the product. According to human psychology, shining and beautiful things are more appealing than simple ones. The market is flooding with so much variety, and brands welcome every new and cheap strategy that guarantees success and brand awareness at a maximum level. Custom packaging is one of those marketing tactics that guarantee maximum brand awareness in almost no additional charges.

Custom Cigarette Packaging Box:

From the marketing perspective, customized cigarette packaging adds more value to the brand and gives more credibility. There are high numbers of smokers worldwide, and with a rising number of consumers rise the rate of manufacturers, which automatically leads to more packaging and more competition. Now a simple packaging is not more than blank, useless cardboard for covering. People buy things that stand out on the retailer's shelf, so no matter how excellent your cigarette provides the packaging will still matter. According to the survey, the packaging is the cheapest way to market the product and a good market campaign; the sales can boost up to 5 to 10 % percent.  

Among so many, customized packaging options, sleeve tray boxes, and flip-top boxes are trendy styles for cigarette boxes. Here are a few reasons why both are winning the heart of smokers in today's world.

Flip-top Box:

Few features that flip-top box offers for cigarette packagings are:

  • Classy touch:

Among a few of the old packaging types prevailing in the market are flip-top boxes for cigarettes. Being old never meant outdated for flip-top boxes. Now they are no more white and one blank color boxes. Customize top flip boxes are quite trendy these days. Beautiful colors embossed printing and logo along with descriptions is quite appealing for every other smoker.

  • User Friendly:

Smoker keeps cigarette boxes with them every time, and everyone loves something easy to open and then easy to close and keep the cigarettes fresh and intact for a long time. Flip-top boxes are user-friendly kinds that are an easy and convenient choice for every user.

  • Convenient marketing tool:

A customize flip-top box is a convenient marketing tool for brand holders. There is a lot of space on sleeve boxes to write marketing content or any information. New product promotion can be easily printed on the front or back. The tactics ensure the maximum brand awareness to everyone with cheap promotions.

  • Reliable:

Flip-top boxes are reliable and robust boxing solution for the cigarette boxes.

Sleeve Tray Boxes:

Few features of this attractive and unique type of boxes for cigarette packaging are:

  • Cost-effective:

You must want to promote a product through packaging, but you also want to achieve the aim through budget-friendly options. Sleeve tray boxes provide you economical marketing option.

  • Unique style:

Flip tops are classy, whereas Sleeve Tray boxes are modern and more stylish. Sleeve tray stands out on the retailer shelf, and customers' eye sticks to their glamorous look. There are many brands of cigarettes running through the market, and the only way to stand out from them is to bring unique and exclusiveness. Sleeve tray box provides you all convenience with style - and that's what makes them so trendy!

  • Strong & Reliable:

What is the use of a box if it is not strong enough? That's why sleeve tray boxes are designed in a manner that provides style and a regular strength feature. A smoker usually keeps the box of the cigarette with them, and if a box is not reliable and robust, it will tear out and cause a mess. Secondly, when the product is dispatching in bulks for custom boxes wholesale, a package must be strong enough to endure heavy pressure. Sleeve tray boxes are all in one solution for your cigarette packaging.

  • Easy storage:

Sleeve Tray boxes are comfortable storage places for cigarettes. Commonly, due to heavy pressure, cigarette break-in boxes but sleeve boxes keep them intact for a long time in any unwanted condition.

  • Environmentally Friendly choice:

A cigarette might not be an environmentally friendly choice, but flip-top boxes and Sleeve tray are environment-friendly products. Mostly made from kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable, and decomposes with nature quickly, so there might be an alarming increase in smokers. Still, there is no worrisome increase in hazards caused by bath bomb packaging materials.


Sleeve Tray and top flip boxes are stylish, convenient, and all in one packaging and storing solution for cigarettes. If you are looking for something outstanding with convenience for cigarette box packaging, they can be your choice. Looking for something classy and trendy Flip-top will be best, or something more modern A sleeve tray might suit you best.


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