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New Product “Slim Frame+sliding Door’’ shower Enclosure

When you have a small bathroom and still want to maximize the space, sliding shower encloses can greatly help. Additionally, they will offer a classic style that will also guarantee a modern touch. These doors helps people enjoy showers that feels open and spacious while saving the space for other house uses.

Although there are many such products in the market, this newly developed Welleader WLD003 slim Frame sliding shower Door matches your functionality, stylishness and complexity needs. To make it look exemplary, you should start by coupling it with a handle design and 2000mm height. You don’t have to complain about the price because of all the efforts put into it. The door comes with a low profile tray that ensures you have a beautiful balancing shower for corner installation and also for recess installations.

1’’ Slim frame

This newly developed door has already defined the concept of ‘’slim because it has a 1’’ slender frame. The door handle is also designed with clean lines in mind to give you what you probably have been looking for.

Effortless smooth sliding because of nylon rollers

The new frame delivers energy and esprit to the WLD003 slim shower door. It also retains its favorite features such as the silent running system. This greatly prevents crossing and jamming of the parts that slide. It also comes with a practical door releases mechanism that helps unlock the door for perfect cleaning of the hidden parts. Additionally, residual water will never drip on the floor which can increase the risk of slipping.

Robust High-luster polished aluminum slim frame

Aircarg aluminum offers even surfaces with little to no impurities. The products also possess anti-corrosion and anti-humidity features which are the reasons we are sure it gives you strength to shower regardless of the weight. For those looking for exquisite style, then it also gives a fine polished finish for that matter.

Sophisticated Linear stainless steel handle

For such a door, you would expect that it deserves the best dual bar stainless steel handles for easy opening. The handle has unique bypass intervals gaps for easy sliding.

Waterproof protection

The manufacturer also put some efforts in making sure the flame has a shower waterproof protection.

Thick 8mm hardened glass less susceptible to splintering

The door has 8mm hardened glass that you are supposed to take good care off. The glass if smashed will break but not into large and sharp shards. The other additional feature is that the door is in a reversible design which means it can be installed in a wet room floor without the need for a shower tray. I think this is safe, stylish and versatile.

It’s obtainable in dimensions from 1000-1700mm and also heights of 2000mm

These features make it a perfect addition to any part of the house. You can actually add it to any bathroom or even en-suite especially where there’s a high ceiling.

This new Welleader slim frame sliding shower has many things to prove. First of all, this door proves that less is more and the completeness of a low profile design is very possible. If you are considering purchasing this door for the projects at hand, Welleader’s new product series  will be your perfect match.

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