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Slow Internet Problems: Few Steps to Fix the Issue

In the present era, we can live without food, but we can’t live without the internet. Life comes to a halt when we are disconnected. There is no way we can watch our favorite shows on Netflix, post pictures on Instagram, call our friends on Skype, or write a blog without the internet. From adults to kids and old age people, everyone is addicted to the internet.

Internet speed is far more important than any other aspect of our lives. Be it socializing, blogging, Vlogging, gaming, or downloading, slow internet is synonymous to slow poisoning. Internet without speed can put your life to halt, makes you lose an important game, or puts us in a state of trauma while waiting for the buffering icon to disappear.  

Fixing a slow internet is not a big deal when an enormous amount of information is available on the internet. Some of the tips are easy to follow while others require a little effort from your side. But don’t get overwhelmed if you are facing the problem often. There is always a solution to the problem and here’s how to fix the issue without taking out screwdrivers or hammers. Stay tuned and read carefully.

Look for the Data Cap

With plenty of things going on like downloading, streaming, and browsing, you might hit the point when your data cap reaches its limits. That is when you are going to face the slow internet. Usually, most of the internet service providers place a data cap on your internet plan. Some might not be enough to handle 4K streaming, gaming, and downloading large files. In some cases, you might need to buy extra data to continue your entertainment and work spree. So before you subscribe to any plan, make sure to have unlimited data caps.

The best way to check whether you have a data cap on your plan or not, just check your previous bills. However, if you have subscribed to Spectrum packages, there is no need to worry about reaching data limits. The service provider offers unlimited data caps on all of its plans.

Your Router Needs Some Rest

Do you remember when the last time you switched off your router? You can’t even remember it. Now is the time to give your device a break. Simply turning off your router for a few minutes will help refresh the internet connection. In our experience, whenever we face speed issues, the first thing we do is to reset our router. Most of the time the problems are fixed instantly without doing any other step.

If you have a separate modem from your router, make sure to reset it too. This will help stimulate your connection to the internet service provider. If you don’t want to face speed issues again, make sure to reset the router after getting up from the bed. A super easy fix would allow you to experience high-speed internet throughout the day.

Change the Placement of Your Router

The router is the main component delivering internet signals throughout the house. However, the placement of your router plays a key role in providing signals to all parts of the house. So if you are facing speed issues in some parts of the house, you need to reposition your router.

Find any center location of your house and place the router to ensure seamless signal delivery throughout the home. If you want to play games or want to watch a movie in your favorite room and on your comfortable couch, but experiencing dead signals, then this trick would help you fix the problem forever.


Try Ethernet for Speed

When it comes to an internet connection, everyone loves to connect through Wi-Fi. The benefit of connecting to the Wi-Fi is that you can set yourself free from cable and enjoy browsing, streaming, or gaming in any part of the house. However, if you are facing slow internet, you might need to sacrifice your ease and convenience – at least for a limited time. Just try connecting your laptop to an Ethernet cable and continue exploring the endless world of the internet without getting slow.

Ethernet is a quick fix for slow internet as the cable sends the signals directly to the device. Nowadays, you can also connect Ethernet to other devices such as PlayStation, television set, Xbox, desktop computer, or any other gaming console. One of the benefits of connecting internet through Ethernet cable is that it is more secure than a Wi-Fi connection. Especially if you want to access your bank account, we would recommend you to use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.  

Disconnect Other Devices and Close Extra Applications

One of the reasons for the slow internet connection is that other devices connected to the internet are sucking out the juice. Plus you need to check any background apps running for instance torrent client on your computer. If other devices connected to the same network are in an idle state, make sure to disconnect them completely. By doing this, you will find a huge difference in speed.

Block the Ads

No matter, what website you visit, there are plenty of display ads running here and there. From pop-up banners to pictures and Gifs to auto-played videos, almost every content creator serves ads on its platform to earn money. The biggest disrupter of internet speed is the advertisements you can find on every website. Make sure to install ad blocking plugin or extension on your browser. The extension can block all the ads consuming so much data and free up some space for your connection.

Negotiate with Your Service Provider

The problem with most ISPs is that they aren’t available in every area. Luckily if you have found one in your area, but the speed is a huge turn-off, you might need to contact your service provider. Just ask them to fix the issue, upgrade the plan, or give you some sort of relief in the bills. If you are a heavy streamer and gamer, the best thing you could ask your service provider is to upgrade your plan.

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