Small Bathroom Interior Ideas That Increase Space


Decorating small bathrooms is challenging because you have limited space. If you do not make smart décor decisions then the bathroom can become too congested. Cramping the bathroom will impact the functionality of the bathroom. Adding beautiful things like flat edge ceiling tiles will improve the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom but you also have to think about optimizing the available space.

Here are a few tips to make a small bathroom look spacious.

Invest in smart storage:

A small bathroom needs to optimize the storage space otherwise it will take over the whole bathroom. The toiletries are a part of the bathroom and you will need to create a place where you can store them without making a mess. Do not leave the toiletries lying around because it will make the bathroom cluttered. You need to find storage solutions that will make sure that the toiletries are properly stored so that the place looks organized. Smart storage makes sure that there is adequate storage and it does not impact the look of the bathroom. You can add shelves above the door and cabinets under the sink. Choose medicine cabinets with a mirror door as mirrors always make the bathroom look bigger.

Get rid of the clutter:

People often end up putting a lot of things in the bathroom that does not belong there. To keep a small bathroom organized you need to get rid of the clutter. Choose the bathroom accessories wisely so that you have everything you need and you do not end up stuffing the place with unnecessary items. Keep the place neat and tidy.

Well-lit bathroom:

Lighting plays a significant role in making the place look big and spacious. Small bathrooms hardly have windows but if you have a window then you will need to invest in curtains that let the light in while maintaining the privacy. Make sure that you install the right type of lighting so that it is well-lit. Replace the bulbs with LED lights as they will make the small space look bigger.



Painting the walls of the bathroom in light colors as it will make the room look bigger. Adding new paint to the bathroom is an affordable upgrade that is perfect for improving the look bathroom. The light colors bounce off the light around the room. It also makes lighting more effective.

Add mirrors:

The bathroom mirror has a significant role to play in making a small bathroom look bigger. The mirrors reflect light and make the room look brighter. You do not have to stick with just one mirror. Adding more than one mirror is an affordable and effective way of creating the illusion of a large space.

Use the door:

You can use the door of a small bathroom for hanging towels or bathroom robes. You can install hooks or towel racks on the door and it will help in emptying the storage space for other things. Hanging the towels from the door will also keep them dry and fresh.