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Small Enterprises worth a Shot in 2021

2020 had its own fair share of challenges, and many people are starting to pick up the pieces in 2021. Many businesses that collapsed completely due to the lockdowns are now starting to be revived all over, with people being forced to reconsider their models. There are a number of business ideas that one can turn to this year and make a decent income out of it. Among the most notable ones include the following.

Online Seller

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Online shops were already the heartbeat of most economies around the world even before 2020. But it wasn’t until the pandemic hit and everything was brought to a standstill when the real impact of online shopping was really highlighted. We simply cannot do without that sector, and 2021 is the best time to open an online shop. It could be for selling just about anything you can think of; you can sell food, jewelry, electric supplies like an LED aluminum extrusion, among many other things. You simply have to find a niche then set up shop, and you’ll be selling within no time with very minimal capital.

Delivery Services

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Going hand in hand with online shops, once someone sets up an online shopping platform, they will automatically be in need of a reliable delivery service, and since juggling both can be a huge hassle, starting a courier service that handles the transportation of goods to the customers on behalf of these online stores can net you a good income. You will have to hire a number of qualified and trustworthy individuals as riders and provide them with the vehicles or motorcycles for handling the delivery at a fee. Setting this up may be a little hard due to the permits involved, but you will be set once you hit the road running.



The online space is full of opportunities for creative freelancers. There is work for online writers, transcribers, graphic designers, web developers, and so on as the demand for these services keeps surging every year. This could as well be the most convenient business idea on this list because it can be done remotely as long as you have a computer and a good internet connection. You can have the opportunity to make decent money doing freelance work for clients from across the globe, earning money as soon as you complete an assignment.

Cleaning Services


You can also take advantage of the busy schedules that people have these days to make money by offering cleaning services for homes, offices, and other buildings. The demand for professional cleaners has gone up significantly in recent years as more people embrace this new phenomenon. You can either charge people daily depending on the amount of work, or if you get to grow, you can be contracted by companies to be their official cleaning services provider, earning yourself very good money at the end of the month. The investment capital for this is not that significant. You need to only acquire professional stores with your brand on them, a few extra hands, the necessary tools, and you are good to go.

Home Care

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How about taking care of the elderly and the incapacitated in nursing and retirement homes? This is one of the few jobs that are always in high demand due to the sensitive nature of their operations. There are strict guidelines that require only trained professionals to be hired, and you can take advantage of this by recruiting a number of qualified practitioners and opening an agency that hires out their services to nursing homes that may be struggling with staff issues. You simply need a good background in the medical world and a good resume, and nursing homes will be fighting over you within no time.

Digital Marketing


Business has shifted online, and there’s no one who doesn’t have a presence online. This is because there are over 3. 5 billion smartphones connected to the internet; this means that at any given point, there’s an audience just waiting to be introduced to a product and the only way to reach them is through digital marketing. You can position yourself as a digital marketer, offering your services to various companies at a fee. The biggest advantage of this is that you are the one that comes up with a plan, revolutionized, and you get to work from the comfort of your home. 


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When it launched some years back, Uber revolutionised the taxi world, and the world has never looked back since then. As long as you have a car, you can sign up as an uber driver within minutes and have your first client before the day ends. The only expertise required for this job is a good sense of direction with knowledge of the area you are posted in and some basic conversational skills, and you are good to go. 


The number of business opportunities in the current climate is too many to even count; you simply need to identify a gap in the market and find ways to address it. Most of the business ideas mentioned in this list don’t even require much capital or licenses. You just need a killer idea and the determination to see things through, and you will be swimming in money before you blink. Take a chance this year and see how far you can go.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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