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Small House Upgrades: Standout Tricks for a Lavish Look

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If you’re searching for a brand new yet budget-friendly way to upgrade your home interior, then you should keep in mind that big renovations are not always the answer. Although it might seem at times that running the house to the ground is the only solution, let us assure you that you still have a lot of options in your closet (and some can literary be found in the closet). Keep reading to find out more about the neat tricks you can use to improve your home style without having to invest a lot.

Built-in bookcases and wardrobes 

Without any doubt, built-in furniture is a lifesaving option for smaller homes. You can start making upgrades by deciding on which grand piece of furniture takes up the most space in your room and replace it with a built-in version. In most cases, wardrobes and bookshelves are the biggest space consumers. Using a single wall and transforming it into a series of shelves and drawers will help you get more space and add a stunning new furniture element to your home.

Light up your home with bright wall colors

apartment chairs coffee table 813692 If your home is oriented in such a manner that there’s not much light even during the sunniest days, there are a few things you could do to help it light up. First of all, painting your walls in bright colors will make your home instantly pop. Choosing white, cream, mint green or pastel yellow is always a good idea. You can also create an interesting effect by painting a statement wall décor only on one wall. This doesn’t have to be exquisite art; merely a wall colored in a contrasting color from the rest of the room will do. 

Update your knobs and handles

The key to efficient home upgrades is to focus on the details that count. When we’re talking about important details, we mean those which easily catch the eye of someone from the outside, but rarely attract the attention of occupants. And yes – those are knobs and handles. Old, worn-out handles can make the whole furniture piece seem as if it’s in much worse shape than it truly is. In order to avoid this, try replacing your old handles with handmade leather ones. These discretely romantic boutique door handles will make a unique impression on every cupboard door or drawer, and you can rest assured that the quality leather will keep the handles from wearing out again. 

Stick to a monochromatic color scheme

apartment contemporary furniture 1827054 1 Kandinsky taught us that nothing goes with white like white – and that’s the rule of thumb you should stick to. Eclectic looks can be fabulous, but they are also very risky and call for a lot of dedication for decorating innovations. Most of us don’t have the time nor the resources to make this style work for us, which is why sticking to a classy monochromatic look is always a good idea. Furthermore, by leaning on a single color family, you can provide any room with a more spacious appeal.

Stop yourself from stacking all the shelves

Cluttering can narrow the space down to the minimum, both visually and practically. If you’re prone to clutter, try seeking help in very functionally rewarding storage boxes that can be found in all shapes and sizes. It’s of utter importance that you prevent everyone in your home from filling all the room on the shelves. Yes, shelves are made for such a purpose, but you should be aware that the more stuff you have on them, the more dust and debris they will collect. You’d be surprised how fast accumulated dust can transform your completely white shelves into an unpleasant grayish shade. 

Use patterns and textures to create contrast

apartment chair chicago 1918291 You won’t lose on diversity and contrast by sticking to a monochromatic look if you play with textures and patterns more. You can’t go wrong with adding more and more texture to a room that is simplistic in color. Not only does texturing make the room come to life but it also gives a subtle mysterious depth to the room. Geometrical patterns are a good choice for a contemporary home, while more traditional homes do better with classic, baroque style and romantically shaped décor elements.  Every home has a story, and make sure yours tells its story with the right choice of details, from color through shapes and sounds all the way to scents. Make your home a delight for all senses, and you will surely enjoy it even more.

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