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Small Office Design - Designing Your Space to Provide More Work Space!

Instead of office move try to establish your own set up. But working in a small office can sometimes be difficult because it's difficult to establish a workable office design. While it's tempting to simply build walls, it's often impossible to create a wall that will meet all of your workplace needs. While there is nothing wrong with a sturdy, well-built wall between your office cubicle and your reception area, many small offices include several large cubicles and spaces, and creating a barrier between them can become difficult.

Separate sections:

When you start designing your business space, think about the best way to divide up space. It's important to establish separate work spaces, lunch rooms, and recreation areas. If you have multiple employees, you may need to consider two or more different types of working spaces. This is where the idea of "no walls" becomes useful.

Productivity for employees:

By creating a space that's free of walls, you can better accommodate the number of people who use your office space. In some cases, you'll need to make several changes to your office layout so that the smallest office space still provides a number of efficient and functional spaces. However, it's important to keep in mind that no matter how small your office is, you want the maximum productivity possible for your employees.

Comfortable space:

When you start planning your office space, think about how much room you need. Many offices are designed so that most employees can work comfortably in a single area. The solution to this problem is to create an area in your office for each person who works in the space.

This space should be designed so that the person sitting at the desk can see what the rest of the employees are doing. The space can also be designed to allow other people to work from the same room. If you only have one computer, you can arrange the room to allow each employee to have a table, a monitor, and an appropriate chair for their needs.

Dividing space:

There are several ways to divide up space. Some workplaces are large enough to provide a large open room. Other offices are designed to create an illusion of space by having dividers between partitions or a large open room. You'll probably need to find the right balance between dividing space and giving each individual as much access to work as possible.


If your office space is a little smaller than you'd like, consider making it as spacious as possible while still maintaining a sense of privacy. A great way to do this is to include a large, high-tech wall-mounted printer in your office. Having a high-tech printer allows you to have an electronic version of your office in the same space as an older manual version, allowing you to print out work documents or create presentations when needed. Because you can access your printer at any time, you can also print out copies of your business cards or brochures or pamphlets, which makes it easy to hand out literature to prospective clients.

Office accessories:

Small office design also means adding office accessories to make the work space more usable. For example, if you're only working from a desk, consider purchasing an adjustable height writing desk so that you can write more comfortably and reach your laptop or computer keyboard easily. The addition of an external monitor will allow you to make important notes in your office or view your email and calendar in the same window.


If you do choose to purchase a high-tech computer system, consider placing some type of storage cabinets for files or folders. Place items such as business cards, client lists, and business contracts near your computer. The easiest place to store your files and documents is under a desk or against the wall in a corner.

Furniture and furnishings:

One of the best ways to make small office design work for you is to choose office furniture and furnishings that match your office design. Don't be afraid to add unique items such as art work or photo frames that you think will complement the look of your office. You may even decide to include a desk lamp that is shaped similar to the desk you have in the room. The goal is to create an overall feel that you think will help you get more work done quickly and more efficiently.

Final words:

Even though the size of your office space may be smaller, your company should still function well. If you plan to keep your office there for a long time, you'll probably need the services of an answering service or receptionist. But don't worry, you can hire a receptionist or a cleaning professional to come in once in a while to help you.


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