Smart Address to the Digital Marketing Solutions


Knowing the different levers of digital marketing is essential to know which ones to include in the company's strategy. Here is an overview of the different levers: content marketing, natural referencing, and community management, mailing, sponsored links or advertising on search engines, advertising on social networks, marketing automation, mobile marketing, press relations and optimization for the conversion of visitors into customers.

ROI estimation and measurability

Before deploying its web marketing strategy, the company would surely want to know if this strategy will prove to be profitable. For this, you must estimate the return on investment (ROI) either based on general statistics, or by making projections from the existing, use Google Analytics, or by asking an agency to estimate the ROI in view of the company's experience. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the way to run a website on Google, Bing and Yahoo and other search engines, and increase its popularity. But, the popularity can only increase when you rank your site higher in SERP or in search engine result pages.

A business needs to measure actual ROI in order to verify that things are going as planned and adapt it to any changes over time. In other words, the web marketing strategy must not remain static over time but it must evolve taking into account market feedback and competitors' strategies. This is why you must set up indicators and monitor them. Monitoring these indicators is not just about looking at how things are going, but also about reacting according to the information they send to the company. If an indicator is in the red, it is a signal that should not be overlooked, which should immediately require corrective actions, or even abandon the strategy. Digital marketing campaigns are again gaining ground for it imbibes the benefits of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, ecommerce marketing, email marketing, content automation, and all these benefits a business immensely. There is no need to employ print media to market products and services.

Measure the results of your digital strategy


A digital communication campaign has its own indicators. Some are purely web, like the acquisition of new leads; others are comparable to traditional indicators, like the conversion rate, purchase, reservation, subscription to products and services of the company. Each company has built its own dashboards over the years to guide these actions. This stage is custom built.

Define your web goals

At the heart of any strategy, there are always one or more objectives. At the heart of any strategy, there are always one or more objectives. So you need to start with this step and devote the time and energy necessary to set effective goals. But remember that your goals should be specific and very clearly defined. This means that “I want to be on the web” is not a goal. On the other hand, “to obtain 300 new customers in 12 months via the Internet” is a clear and precise objective on which you can rely to implement.

Define your digital strategy

Now that you know what your goal is, you will need to define how you are going to achieve it. It means that you have to create the methodology that will bring you to the results you expect. If it's about getting 300 new customers, then you know you need to position your business in front of prospects who don't yet know you.