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If you have retired from your job, now what to do? Enjoy your time with family, but what after that? Or are you trying to do some home-based job or some other part-time job to earn some more money? Then here are some great ideas to get your new business started!


Everyone has some hobbies or something they love to do in their leisure time. If you have some, you can quickly figure out how to cash that hobby!

People these days are making money from their hobbies & I will prove to you how.

-Play cricket or any sports? What about some coaching?Or organizing its tournament?

-Watch TV? How about starting a channel or a blog and giving reviews on your favorite shows?

-Cooking? How about starting a home-based food delivery service or starting a catering service and turn your hobby into your business?

-Love travelling? Starting up a travelling agency and guiding people about some fabulous destinations all over the world.

-Love reading books? You can give reviews on your favorite books and get paid!


if you get retired from your job that you still have all the knowledge about then you can just simply sell all of that by providing tuitions to the students and spread awareness and earn through it.


Consulting is usually for a business, and you can earn some real dollars from it.Consulting for sales improvement or productivity of a team can be a good option. Consulting from home by using online tools like Skype, that would be much easier to deal with your business and earn money by staying at home.


Passive trade show displays income.Sounds like a dream, right?

The idea behind that is you own some marketing skills you can promote other people’s products. And earn a commission when someone buys that product through your link. There are three different parties in an affiliate marketing strategy.

The Publisher.

Also known as the creator of the product or the seller. It is the party which creates the product or provide any services, it can be a massive company like Sony who produces electronic products, or it could be a solo entrepreneur who is selling his product or any service. They just have a product to sell without even involving in it.

The Affiliate.

The affiliate is also called the publisher. It can also be a sole proprietorship or a company that is hiring marketing agents to publish the merchant’s products, and when any buyer buys through their link, they will get a commission.

The Consumer.

The consumer is the last party who buys those products through the publisher’s link and use it at the end of the day.


One of the most accessible business to do after retirement is to be a real estate agent. Through the last decade, this business has more opportunities and money-making potential without any investment. You just have to sell or rent out other’s properties to the consumer and get your easy commission. You can also do it online only by sitting at home and post advertisements for the property you have given.


Have you ever find the price of items in clearance or sale items below the market price? If yes you can sell them ata low price and resell it at the market price. If you go further in this field, you could find so many items that you can purchase and resell it in a week and get profit on it. For example, Car, people buys used cars and sell it at a higher price and easily gets their profit on it. The same thing applies to bikes, house and many other things, but the reseller should have the potential to bear the loss if it occurred.


This business is now growing faster as travelers want a safe and cheap room to stay. You can rent out a room in your house and if you are a good cook that is a benefit so you can offer delicious breakfast to your guests. It is now become more manageable and trending due to AIR BNB, which is a portal where you can offer your room to rent out daily and earn money by just sitting at home.


In your life experience, you have seen a lot of resumes especially if you worked in the Human Resource department. You can offer a service based on resume writing. You can join a company, that gives you easy money just for writing a professional resume or you can do it by sitting only at home on freelancing portals.


The reason why most of the new business fail is because of the overly excited young owners put minimal thoughts and efforts when they startup a new business. Let suppose they read it and suppose they thought I could do bed and breakfast in my house, but travelers from different countries, different religions have a different culture. Young owners may get easily pissed off due to their way of living.

However you, you already succeeded once in your life, and you have a lifetime experience, you can easily handle all kinds of culture and stay calm even if someone annoys you. Yet it comes with proper planning and determination.

First of all, you have to be honest with yourself to choose the business that suits your skill, personality and personal interest.

Then consider your financial obligation if you have a proper financial backup you can easily setup good profitmaking business, if not you have too much business ideas to go without any investment.

But when you get started, go hard! Even if you are facing loss, just stop for at least five months. No matter if your business is going good or bad, just focus on it and be consistent on it because everyone needs time to get highlighted in the market. 

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