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Smart Recruitment Opportunities Now Open

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If contact goes well with the recruiter, it is likely that your discussions will be more relaxed in the second part of the interview. This is all the more true with a recruitment firm because, once the person has verified that you correspond to the position sought, you enter the preparation phase for the next interview, the one with the company likely to hire you; the recruiter thus becomes your “coach” in order to be able to go through the next stages of recruitment as well as possible and thus finalize the mission for his client. The recruiting agency Thailand is the best choice there.

Stay Professional from Start to Finish

During last part of the interview if everything went well beforehand you will be asked to express your emotions more freely, your feelings about the position, your expectations in terms of salary or your time constraints. Even if this moment may seem more “friendly”, don't forget that you are still in a job interview and that an element that you communicate in a relaxed manner may backfire on you (an overly relaxed posture, a sharp criticism from your former boss or even a time or salary constraint which you had not spoken before). So it's important to stay professional from start to finish, be careful with what you say and don't believe that a good feeling with the recruiter means that you will necessarily get the job.

If You Need To Give Tests: Be Positive

It happens in some recruitment firms that you are required to give personality tests or tests on the skills required for the desired position (English, Word, Excel, commercial relations, accounting, etc.). These tests are intended to complete the job interview by providing it with certain objectivity (because all the candidates answer the same questionnaire). The professional network is very effective when activated in an intelligent and appropriate manner. Letting friends, former schoolmates or even trusted colleagues know that you are interested in new challenges can prove fruitful in many situations. Although the questions asked may seem easy to you, it is important that you do it at a time when you are in good shape and can devote all of your attention to taking the test. This is especially true for personality tests as they tend to change based on your state of mind. Your results are unlikely to change at all, but they are very likely to be much more positive if you take the test and test positive yourself; your good mood, your desire to move forward will be felt and you will tend to be more coherent and sincere with yourself.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Working on its visibility and its added value must be a daily concern, including when one is already in post. Lasting approximately 3 to 5 minutes, this presentation in the form of storytelling must be considered before the meeting. It must be able to highlight as much as possible the points of your course that meet the offer for which you are interviewing.  To attract the attention of recruiters, you have to show that you have real assets for the proposed position. It is important to highlight, on your CV and various profiles on the web, elements of differentiation, for example by emphasizing professional mobility or its related appetites. Recruiters are looking for a personality.


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