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Smart Tires: The various advancements in the field of a tire and how they are making our lives easier

With the advancements of automotive technologies, the technologies used in tires have been increasing in the last few years. The advancements in tires may not be the highlight of the day and grab the headlines but tires play a very crucial role in the automotive industry. The only thing between your automobile and the road are the tires. They have to function in the right way to help you keep your car running. They play an important role in the vehicle’s performance and safety. With the recent advancements in automobiles such as autonomous driving, the tires have to provide real-time data and information to have a safe journey.

Tires often are overlooked when purchasing a car. They are the key part of the vehicle’s movement because they are responsible to handle the traction, the braking forces and the pressure of the vehicle loads along with the passenger loads as well. They are responsible for absorbing the road shocks and maintaining the direction of the travel. It is really important to have the tires safe and well-maintained at all times for you to have the best experience. If you are looking to purchase a tire for your car, you can search for new tires in Auckland to get the name of all the services who sell the tires with good offers and discounts.

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Let us discuss some of the recent technologies along with the new designs in the tire industry:
  • CAIS: CAIS stands for Car Area Information Sensing. This is one of the recent advancements in the automobile industry when it comes to safety. This system has a sensor which is attached to the inside of a tire. This sensor understands how the tires are interacting with the road and send detailed reports to the driver. The system also checks for road conditions such as dry, wet, snow, and many more conditions and gives the appropriate information to the driver on the digital screen.
  • Self-Inflating tires: Low tire pressure can be a real problem when it comes to driving on rough roads. The tires are affected and the mileage of the car goes down drastically when it comes to low pressure in the tires. Self-Inflating tires are the potential solution to this problem where the sensors can be attached to the tiers to check the pressure at continuous periodic intervals and inflate them when the pressure is less. This technology is being used in heavy machinery and military vehicles and is now coming to cars.  
  • Discolour Tires: The simplest developments might have the highest benefits. It is difficult to understand when a tire needs to be replaced if they use the car daily. With the discolour tires, when the tire is getting out of form, it tends to turn its colour to bright orange for the user to notice it and have a change of colour. The tire can change the colour if the tread depth is less or also if the tire is punctured.
  • Different Tread Depths: Tread depth is the vertical measurement of the top of the tire to the bottom of the tire’s deepest grooves. They are responsible for the traction of the tires. By using the tires for a long time, the tires tend to get worn out and the tread keeps decreasing. The gripping of the roads will reduce once you keep using them. New tires will have a tread depth of nearly 8mm. Upon using the tires for a long time, they can reduce. They can be used on normal roads until the tread depth goes to nearly 2mm. Once the depth is less than 2mm, it is high time for you to change your tire. Different designs of treads have come up to increase the gripping quality of the tire. Tires with continuous grooves are used the most and they have a long lasting life when compared to other designs.
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