Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Snack Food Packaging for an Eco-Friendly World

Protecting the environment is a goal every consumer should have. But consumers can only go so far on their own to make a difference. There is little you can do if packaging companies refuse to use eco-friendly materials in the products you use on a regular basis. Fortunately, ePac Flexible Packaging company recognizes how important it is to take care of the environment. Every day they do their part to create eco-friendly snack food packaging. Here’s what you should know about the importance of such packaging in a world that’s increasingly piled high with waste.

Why Eco-Friendly Is Important

More than 380 million tons of plastic are produced each year. Plastic products are not just heavily used in the United States, but around the entire world. Everything from snacks to hair products are packaged in plastic containers. Most of that plastic ends up cluttering landfills or making its way to the ocean where it kills an estimated 100 million animals on an annual basis. It is believed that approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic litter every single square mile of ocean space. The numbers are staggering.

Statistics like these can seem daunting, but there are companies trying to break the trend and create eco-friendly plastic products. In particular, ePac Flexible Packaging company works to cut down on plastic waste by offering recyclable films. They also use eco-friendly and cost-efficient digital printing flexible packaging to further help companies be responsible both in the way they treat the world and the way they spend their money. As more companies commit to ditching traditional plastics and other common types of snack packaging in favor of recyclable types, the results of their efforts will not only change the world today, but for future generations as well.

How ePac Flexible Packaging Company Helps

Flexible packaging is better for the environment than regular plastic packaging for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few ways ePac’s flexible packaging is a better option for the earth:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Less overall waste
  • Minimal energy use

Because flexible packaging requires fewer resources to create, it is a wise alternative to traditional plastic, glass, metal or aluminum packaging. For every 26 trucks required to transport unfilled glass jars, only one truck is needed to transport the same number of unfilled flexible packages. So, flexible packaging creates a smaller footprint and less energy consumption during transportation.

In addition to these eco-friendly benefits, flexible packaging is also easier for consumers to store. Many products stored in these containers also have extended shelf lives compared to their traditional plastic counterparts. They can also be microwaved and easily resealed for convenience and safety purposes.

Do Your Part Today

Are you looking for ways to actively protect the environment and contribute less to already saturated landfills? You can start by making sure your snack food packaging is as eco-friendly as possible. Ditch the glass, metal and aluminum containers and choose flexible plastic packaging instead. Don’t forget to recycle your ePac snack package once you’re finished with it, so the economically friendly process can come full circle, thanks to you.

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