Everything You Need To Know About Green Works Snow Blower


GreenWorks 2600402 Pro

Snow throwers are for clearing driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Snowfall is pretty, but the aftermath is not very pleasant. Heavy snowfall for days can create thick layers of snow. So, to get rid of it from the driveway and patios, you need a snow thrower. 

A good snow thrower can save your time, energy, and the surfaces from cracking. If there is snow on your driveways or terrace for days, then it melts, goes beneath the surface, and again become solid, ruining the surface. Quick clearing following easy steps is what a snow thrower needs to offer. GreenWorks 2600402 Pro is all about that. There are several types of greenworks snow blowers in the market, and you can follow at https://billious.com/best-greenworks-snow-blowers/ .Let us get into more details.

Review Of GreenWorks 2600402 Pro

2600402 Pro is a 33lbs snow thrower with two 7-inch wheels at the rear. It has an electric start. It is easy to maneuver with the activate button and retraction bar with the right amount of tension on it. For a sturdy hold, you have the cushioned handle. It is well-balanced with perfect features. Assembling the whole thing is simple too. Anyone can do it, and it takes no time. Also, it is very easy to store or transport, as it folds with ease. What more the snow thrower has, let’s check it out.


The snow thrower has a brushless motor. That means you are going to get more torque, better run time. And it will be durable as well, as it will be free of erosion. Such machines will make noise, but good quality snow thrower will be less noisy. And it is quieter because the motor is brushless. It needs no maintenance, no oiling, just proper steps of use.


It is a quick charge machine, only takes half an hour to charge fully. The best cordless electric snow blower, as it proves to be handy during emergencies. It makes your life easy. The battery it uses is an 80V 2.0 Ah Li-ion battery. It is powerful enough to sustain a continuous 45-min run. Even the deepest snow path cannot reduce its power. The easy moving machine and its 20-inch auger goes smooth and needs zero effort to cut the snow. It cuts into 10-inch deep and 20-inch wide snow path. There is a specific space with a green cover to set up the battery. It is secure and safe. Always keep the battery at room temperature. It will have a longer life.



The chute control is in your hands. There is a green handle just at the place of the starting cord. Pull it to rotate the chute from left to right and vice versa. It can throw snow at a distance of 20ft, in any direction.


You can work with the machine at night because it has LED lights. The dual lights are bright and cover a good range in the dark.


  • 80V 2.0 Ah Li-ion battery runs up to 45 min
  • Rotating chute with a handle discharges snow at 20ft
  • 20” clearing path and 10” clearing depth
  • Brushless motor
  • Two built-in LED lights


  • From a bit pricier ones

Though not an affordable product, this snow thrower is worth what you are paying. A bit of investment will save you a lot of hassles.

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