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So Many Opportunities Are at Your Fingertips! Pass CompTIA 220-1002 Exam Using Practice Tests to Grab Them All

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CompTIA 220-1002 is a part of two exams that the candidates have to pass in order to earn the A+ certification. The test is designed to assessone’s knowledge and skills in a range of domains, which include software troubleshooting, installation and configuration of operating systems, operational procedure, and expanded security. This exam is known as Core 2 and is expected to be taken separately and not in combination with the Core 1 test.

CompTIA 220-1002: Exam Details

This is a 90-minute test consisting of 90 questions. This means that the students will have around one minute per question. In reality, this may not be so, as the difficulty level of each question varies from one to another. The different types of questions to be expected during the delivery of the CompTIA A+ 200-1002 Exam Dumps include multiple choice (single and multiple answers), performance-based, and drag and drop.

There is no official requirement for taking CompTIA 220-1002. However, it is recommended that the applicants have at least nine to twelve months of hands-on experience in a real work environment or in the lab. Depending on your preference, you can take this certification exam in English, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, Japanese, and German. To register for the test, the individuals have to pay the fee of $226 through its official administrator, Pearson VUE. There is an option to take the exam online or at a testing center around your region. The passing score for CompTIA 220-1002 is 700 out of 900.

There are various resources that are available to help the students prepare for their exam. CompTIA offers a large portfolio of study materials to equip its test takers with the required skills to ace their exam. The ExamSnap platform also providesgreat prep tools, including practice questions and answers, to significantly help during your preparation process. So, all you need to achieve exam success is available at your fingertips. You just have to visit these two sites to get valid and updated study materials for your ExamSnap CompTIA A+ 220-1002 .

CompTIA 220-1002: Exam Objectives

This CompTIA testis designed to evaluate your skills and knowledge of specific technical areas. It is very crucial that you take time to understand different exam topics before you attempt the 220-1002 test. In this section, we’ll highlight the details of the main exam objectives that you need to explore. For the complete overview of these domains, it is recommended that you go through the study guide available on the official website. Basically, the test covers four different topic areas:operating systems, security, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures. Let’s look at these objectivesin detail.

Operating Systems: There are certain skills that the candidates are required to develop while learning this topic. They should demonstrate their technical skillset in the following areas:

  • Compare & contrast the standard types of operating systems and their functions
  • Compare & contrast the characteristics of different Microsoft Windows versions
  • Recap general Operating System installation considerations as well as upgrade techniques
  • Utilize suitable Microsoft command line tools
  • Utilize the features and tools of Microsoft Operating System
  • Utilize Control Panel utilities of Microsoft Windows
  • Summarize configuration concepts and application installation
  • Implement Microsoft Windows networking on given desktop/client
  • Utilize the tools and features of Linux and Mac OS desktop/client

Security: This subject covers a range of components that are associated with the domain of security. The candidates for the CompTIA 220-1002 exam will be evaluated based on their ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Summarize the significance of physical security measures
  • Describe local security theories
  • Compare & contrast authentication methods and wireless security protocols
  • Identify, eliminate, and prevent malware with the use of suitable methods and tools
  • Compare & contrast threats, vulnerabilities, and social engineering
  • Compare & contrast the dissimilarities of common Microsoft Windows Operating System security settings
  • Execute security best practices for secure workstation
  • Execute various techniques to secure mobile devices
  • Execute suitable data destruction as well as disposal techniques
  • Implement security on Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) wireless & wireless networks

Software Troubleshooting: The test takers are also required to have troubleshooting skills in a range of performance-based scenarios. Their skills will be measured based on their ability to perform the technical tasks below:

  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Windows Operating System concerns
  • Troubleshoot & resolve PC security concerns
  • Utilize the best techniques for the removal of malware
  • Troubleshoot mobile operating system and application concerns

Operational Procedures: The applicants for the 220-1002 certification test will also be tested in this domain. To demonstrate their competence, they should be able to carry out the following:

  • Compare & contrast best practices in relation to documentation types
  • Implement common change management best practices
  • Implement common disaster prevention as well as recovery
  • Describe basic safety techniques
  • Describe environmental effects and suitable controls
  • Describe the procedure for addressing banned activity/content, policy concepts, licensing, and privacy
  • Utilize the appropriate communication methods and professionalism
  • Identify the fundamentals of scripting
  • Utilize remote access technologies

You should remember one thing: if you explore all these exam topics, you can pass your CompTIA 220-1002 with ease.


The CompTIA 220-1002 certification exam is the second qualificationtest that you should pass in order to get the A+ credential. This certificate is valid for a period of three years after whichits holdershave to renew it. There are basically two ways to renew your CompTIA A+. You can earn 20 Continuing Education Units through training or professional activities within the certification domain or obtain a credential of the advanced level.

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