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Social Media Revolution: Changing Patterns of Getting News Pakistan

For decades newspapers had been the most popular source of news Pakistan. The advent of electronic media eclipsed the popularity of print media. Breaking news bulletins and colorful TV screens grabbed the attention of individuals. Electronic media has been the most popular source of news in Pakistan for the last two decades. However, the trend of getting news is witnessing a significant change in recent years.

Social media is rapidly emerging as the most liked source of news in the country. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are not only social media platforms to stay connected with friends but also the most popular news websites in the country. Social media users in the country are burgeoning with every passing day. As more and more individuals are joining social media, trend of getting news online is gaining pace.

Bearing this fact in mind, media outlets in the country are increasing their appearance on social media. News channels are more concerned about their YouTube subscribers than the organic traffic on their official websites. Every media outlet post all the news updates over social media. Every mainstream news channel provides news videos on its social media pages. There are a host of factors that are stimulating this changing trend.

Factors responsible for the change in the trend of getting news Pakistan

Today, a vast majority of individuals in Pakistan carry their own smartphones, and access to the internet is no more a luxury in the country. Smartphones and the internet have made individuals regular social media users. The Internet has pulled viewers away from TV screens. TV addicted viewers now have become active social media users.

Apart from the availability of smartphones and easy internet access several other factors are also adding pace to the changing trend of getting news in Pakistan.

Social media addiction among youth is also stimulating this change. Social Media addicted individuals prefer staying online throughout the day. Hence they follow official pages of different news outlets to get news updates via social media.

Furthermore, the daily lives of individuals have become very busy these days. They are too busy to find spare time to sit in front of the TV to get news.

Moreover, unlike TV, getting news via social media is time flexible. Now you don’t have to cut short your work to turn on the TV to watch prime time news bulletin. You can watch any news bulletin on YouTube anytime. Social media platforms provide you with 24/7 news updates.

Popular Social Media platforms to get news Pakistan

Following are the four most popular social media platforms to get news in Pakistan.


Perhaps YouTube is the best online platform to watch the news. Almost every TV news channel of Pakistan is available on YouTube. All big news channels offer live streaming services on YouTube. In addition to TV news channels, there are many YouTube based channels that provide Pakistan news. You can visit YouTube whenever you are free and watch news videos.


Twitter is another wonderful platform to get Pakistan news. Twitter users in Pakistan are increasing with every passing day. You can follow journalists on Twitter to get the latest updates along with in-depth analysis about any development. Moreover, every media outlet, be it a TV channel or a newspaper, has its official page on Twitter. By following the official pages of media outlets you can get instant news updates on Twitter.


Facebook is the most used social media platform in Pakistan. According to Statista, currently, there are 45 million active Facebook users in Pakistan. Every famous news channel of Pakistan including Geo News, ARY News, and 24 News HD has around 20 million Facebook followers. More importantly, based on your choices Facebook shows you customized news stories. If you are interested in sports, Facebook would show you sports news stories. The same is true for politics, business, and showbiz news lovers.


Instagram is very popular among youth due to entertainment news. Many showbiz stars actively share updates about their life on Instagram. Through Instagram, you can get exclusive updates about your favorite celebrity anytime. Moreover, news channels have huge number of followers over Instagram. They provide their followers with regular news updates.

Summing up the discussion, we can say the trend of getting news Pakistan is changing rapidly. If you follow major media outlets of Pakistan over different social media platforms, you not watch TV to get news updates. You will be able to get all the news updates through social media. The social media revolution in the country has undermined the importance of TV screens. Social Media proves to be the favorite source of getting news for the majority of individuals in the country. With easy internet access, the number of social media users is rapidly increasing in the country. The growing popularity of Social Media platforms in the country may eclipse the importance of electronic media in the coming years.

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