Social Warfare: The Best Social Plugin To Boost Social Traffic In 2019

Social warfare the best social plugin to increase the social traffic on your blog in 2019. If you want to boost social traffic on your blog then this article is for you only.

There are many SEO methods to increase social media traffic on a blog. using a social sharing plugin is the simplest way of getting a good amount of social traffic to a website or blog.

How to use the social sharing plugin?

The method of using a social sharing plugin is the most common and simple way of getting social traffic easily. all you need is a blog with good uptime and load time. there is a lot of various social sharing plugin in the market. Some of them are good and some are not. So it becomes important to choose the right plugin otherwise you will waste your money on the wrong plugin.

The social plugin adds the social sharing buttons on the blog post so that the user can easily share the blog post to their close ones. This will increase the number of visitors from various social media platform.

Social media marketing is a trending topic. Research shows that social media is the great source of getting targeted users as over 1 billion users are daily active on the social sites so the chance of discovery increases very much. You can get an easily a good amount of traffic to your website or blog with just the social sharing buttons.

How much does it cost?

The price of getting social media traffic is not so expensive. The traffic you will get on your website is completely free of cost. You only have to purchase the social sharing button plugin for WordPress which will not cost you so much. It is a good investment rather than spending on google and facebook ads to get traffic.

Who can use it?

There is no limitation in the use of social sharing plugin, a business website to a simple blog can use the social buttons to engage their traffic and get more traffic from the current traffic. You can even use it to advertise your own online course.

How much traffic will you get?

There is no limitation on the amount of traffic you can get from the plugin.  The amount of traffic totally depends on the quality of your blog content. if the content will be awesome then it has good chances of attracting new people otherwise if you just share the repeated post then you might not get enough traffic. so keep the main focus on creating eye-catching content so more traffic can drive to your website. You can boost the traffic of your website by reading this post by Awesome Web Designs on how to boost your blog audience with these 5 amazing tricks.

Which is the best social plugin?

When it comes who is the best social sharing plugin then according to me I prefer the social warfare social plugin for WordPress. It is one of the best social sharing buttons with its unique features and function which help you to better optimize the website for getting the good result. Social warfare offers a wide range of social media sharing buttons of facebook, linkedin, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and many more. These buttons will create a new gateway for traffic to come to your website.

However social warfare plugin is in two versions. Free and pro.

1- Free

In the free version, you will only have limited options to work with. mean you will get only 6 sharing buttons in the free version and there will be only a few customizations will be available.

2- Pro

In the pro version, you will get all the features of free version plus all the premium features like more than 20 sharing button which includes WhatsApp, email, Reddit, tumbler, etc. you will get a wide range of customization option for the social sharing buttons. Other than this there are a lot of premium features you will be getting in the pro version.

The free version is good if you want to first test the plugin before buying it. so you can first use the free version and when you are willing to expand it then you can upgrade to the pro version.

How to get discount for social warfare?

Even the price of social warfare is quite affordable but still, you can get a good discount on the social warfare plugin with the use of Social Warfare Discount available here. Just click on the coupon code and it will land you to the purchase page with discounted price.

social warfare

Social warfare pro premium features

Floating button feature

The floating button is the amazing feature which I like the most because it has a great conversion rate than ordinary buttons. the reason is that this button keep floating on the screen and the user will always see the share buttons which attract the user to share the content on the social media sites.

Share count backup

The problem in many social plugins is that sometimes the share count turns to zero and all your efforts get lost. So to solve this issues social warfare has developed this feature which recovers your lost share count.

Pinterest sharing button

There is an amazing feature to increase Pinterest traffic. there will appear a pin button over the image of the blog post so that user can easily pin their favorite images to their account and this can increase the social share counts and also the social traffic.

Tweet button

Social warfare offers a tweet button on every quote of the blog post so the user can easily tweet that quote on the twitter handle. This will help you to increase the traffic from twitter platform.

These are some of the social warfare’s feature which you will get in the pro version. So if you really want to increase the social traffic then I recommend you to use the pro plugin for amazing results.

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