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Software That Reduces Home Design Costs


If you are thinking about redesigning your home, planning in a new build design plan, or you are going to start renovations, then this article could apply to you and help you save a tremendous amount of time and money. I am going to talk about how you can use modern design software for any one of these projects.

Using technology to help you with the design plans for any building projects can help you to:

  1. Save money
  2. Speed up your project
  3. Communicate your project to contractors
  4. Get the desired finished result

How To Make Sure Contractors Understand Your Desired End Result

It is a proven fact that those people that already have there the design(s) planned on digital media technology get the best results. Once you have your digital media files ready, you can take them to an architect, builder, carpenter, and any other contracting expert. The digital designs will give the contractor a much clearer picture of what you are looking to achieve from your project thus reducing the amount of guesswork that goes into the project.

There are several other ways software can become beneficial outside of the home niche, but these methods are beyond the scope of this article. However, you can find out more from Investopedia floor planning articles. Here you will find a comprehensive report that covers topics such as retail store floor planning, car dealership floor planning, and other businesses in which intelligent floorplanning can affect these types of businesses’ bottom line.

A great example of floor planning to maximize business profits would be casinos. The casino will want to have the most profitable tables in prime locations in the establishment. Therefore, the casino company can maximize profits per square meter.

Looking For Companies That Have Readily Available Software

One of the reasons that this particular technology sprung to mind is because a company that designs stairs. They offer an online stairs service that allows people to use a ‘staircase builder’ tool on their website.

This is actually a piece of website ingenuity that allows people to choose the type of staircase they want and start to design their staircase online in 3D format. Options include straight, quarter, or half staircase options, which immediately gives people that have no idea how they want their stairs to look a very good visual tool. The tool also helps the stair manufacturing company understand which type of building the staircase will need to be built for.

Stairs Software Example

Options include domestic houses in England, Scotland, or Wales, a commercial property, or maybe there are no building regulations that the newly designed stairs need to adhere to.

Mr Stairs Building Regulations

Next, measurements will need to be entered into the staircase builder tool. Obviously, no quote, design, or price can be approved without the correct measurements. Once this is complete, the stair company already has a very good idea of how much the project will cost. All this is achieved without someone from Mr Stairs having to come out to a property, measure it, and then go back to figure out a quote.

The best part about this staircase design program is that it is so easy to use. Just like website builders have made web design much easier, Mr Stairs has taken the same concept and applied to the manufacturing industry and implemented it on their website.

What Other Ingenious Software Tools Are Available for Building Projects?

If you are looking to add new stairs, this could be part of a building project. Maybe you are building an extension on your house, completely renovating your house or office, or this is for a new build project. Whatever the project is, you may benefit from floor planners that will save you the costs involved with having an architect draw up plans from scratch. Now as with Mr Stairs online staircase builder web app, the idea here is to save time and the cost.

An application called Magic Plan that is available on iOS and Android devices has been sending ripples through the architectural design market. Now you may think an architect would want to charge the extra for designing floor plans for your home from scratch. Actually, this can be time-consuming. If you are prepared with digital floor plans, you are already helping the architect do his/her job more efficiently from the offset.

This is exactly why the Magic Plan app software has been so useful. It allows people to design the floor plans for their home or office projects and save them as a digital file that can be sent via email.

This software app is useful for retail, renovation and restoration, inspections and survey, as well as in other real estate projects such as new builds. Many architects use it on their devices to quickly map out a building’s floor plans for their customers. However, time is money for the people that are paying for the project and the longer the architect spends planning with you, the more it costs. Therefore, Magic Plan reduces the time spent on the project and helps the architect get on with his/her next project to be added to the portfolio.

Here we provided you with two examples of just how technology helps people to reduce the cost and time involved with stairs as well as floor planning. Both apps go hand in hand with each other in many respects because new stairs could be part of a stair relocation project or a new build project. At the end of the day, using these apps helps manufacturers, builders, contractors, and architects see your version what you expect or want to be the final outcome rather than having to work with nothing and build up from scratch.

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