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Some crucial questions to ask before applying for debt consolidation loans


If you have been considering about getting some debt consolidation loans for trying to put an end to the financial issues which you are suffering from then, there would be a lot of chance that you may have some questions or doubts regarding this process. In this article, you would be learning about some such answers that may help you in acquiring some more information about the procedures about debt consolidation.

  1. What would the consequences be about taking debt consolidation loans on the tax that you pay?

All of the financial institutions will need to report the debts, and canceled debts that would have become more than about five hundred dollars to the tax collecting agencies in the IRS and also the debtors will have to report the extra incomes in their taxes returned. But the IRS would be required to permit you to offset the income from your canceled debts until you can reach your specific amounts when you are becoming either insolvent or have had your debts canceled. You will be insolvent when you owe money more than what you have. This will mean that you would have a negative value in the net value.

If you see that you are suffering from a lot of debts, then it would be really difficult for you to have a positive worth in the net value. This would be the rate that clients would have to pay when their debt balances get forgiven. But there might be some exceptions as always. For instance, the individuals who have some amount of home equity would want to get their net value to become positive and so they would want to reduce their insolvency chances. But this will only be an exception and would not be implemented as any specific rules. There may also be certain situations where you may require paying taxes on debt balances which were previously forgiven.

  • Will your wages get garnished?

There might be a number of debt collectors who can try and scare you or even try to fool you to think that they can legally take charge of your monthly salary unless you are willing to repay the loan installments back to them within certain periods of time. It will be true when such threats of having your salary taken away surfaces then it can overwhelm people. Salary garnishment is scary as a prospect for those people who suffer from financial constraints and issues. But it would be quite important for you to know that this would be mainly intimidation which can be used by the collectors only to scare people in order to force them to make all their payments on time and make them repay the loans by any means possible.

  • What would the type of debts be which you may be able to repay by debt consolidation loans?

It can be accepted that almost all types of unsecured debts might be easily and effectively negotiated with the debt consolidation loans. The unsecured debts would be used to refer to certain types of debts that have got no special ties with the different forms of material possessions that can in future get reposed by your creditors. Hence, for instance, you would not be able to include the car loans which you have taken in your debt consolidation loan as the creditor is permitted to take your car legally to repossess it. But you would be able to include your medical bills, your credit card bills, departmental store bills, and so on. Those unsecured loans like student loans, signed loans, or credit lines can also be included. In a student loan, you may only include those loans which are from government-backed schemes. But you may include private student loans also which are not sponsored by the government.

  • Would your creditors want to negotiate a debt consolidation loan or would they actively resist?

Debt consolidation procedures are legal procedures. The debt consolidation firms have a number of strong contacts with several well-established banks, debt collection attorneys, and also debt recovery companies and agencies. Thousands of people use debt consolidation loans to rid themselves of financial burdens and pressures. The creditors will not refuse to accept your debt consolidation deal as they would also get a number of tax benefits. When you find your creditor unwilling to work with you and negotiate, then it can be that they want to get a more profitable deal for themselves. In these cases, it would be best if you can persist and wait because they will comply sooner or later.

  • Is debt consolidation loan procedure completely different from the credit counseling procedural systems?

It can be so that the most easily noticeable difference within these two methods is in the implementation. In credit counseling procedures, you would be needed to write off the debt balances that you have got with your interest amounts. However, consolidated debt loan you would be required to have lower interest rates which you need to pay to one lender when the different debts are consolidated. The debt consolidation loans will ease your financial issues with three or five years maximum, but the credit counseling procedure can be lengthier. It can take up to ten years in the minimum to alleviate your financial distress.

If you are looking for more information on debt consolidation loans, then you must check the debt consolidation ratings of different debt consolidation agencies and firms that are available on the internet prior to choosing a specific firm.


A lot of people undergo financial difficulties and find it tough to manage their finances. Whether it is their personal finance or business money, it can get tough for some people. Debt consolidation loans can help them. These loans are one of the most popular forms of the debt settlement process. It will reduce your debts and loans and make you financially independent. Hopefully, this article would have helped you acquire some knowledge about the debt consolidation procedure.

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