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Some Essential Concepts about SEO Content Writing Services

Some Essential Concepts about SEO Content Writing Services


SEO content writing is the key to getting targeted traffic. But some writers prefer writing for humans, others focus mostly on pleasing search engines. There is nothing called great content. The quality SEO content is one that creates a fine balance between both audiences and crawlers.

Let’s discuss some core concepts about SEO one by one.

8 things you must know about SEO content writing

Find the most appropriate keywords

The very first activity is to find the relevant keywords. This means the SEO content writer should have the working knowledge of keyword research. Usually, the words have a high search volume and low SEO difficulties are preferred.

Choose the focus key phrase or keyword and synonyms

There is a focus keyword and then there are synonyms of it. This means you need to work on keyword variation but keep in mind that you should not fall for keyword stuffing, as it will ruin your game. Keyword synonyms are those that come in different words but mean the same.

Placement of keywords

Most Importantly, you have to do keyword research for SEO writing. Keywords have a unique placement. For instance, the focus keyword is placed in headings, alt tags, and the first line of the first paragraph. The keyword synonyms can go in between the content. Your most keywords should be placed in the top 50% of the content.

Make the content smooth

A good writer knows that keywords are for search engines and therefore it should not make the content hard to read or unpleasant. The way keywords are inserted is important. The keyword should not be placed awkwardly that it looks out of place.

Promote link building

Link building is a very important move for SEO. Link building includes both internal links and external links. Internal links are when you add the links of your web pages from within the website in your content. This way the reader will keep navigating from one page to another without exiting the website. External linking is you add links from high DA sites signaling Google that you have authoritative content.

Thus, you can insert the links using anchor text and only place relevant sources so that a user is not lost. 

Spy on your competitors

Your competitors are ranking because they are doing everything to please the search engines and audience. This balance is hard to come by but when your competitors can achieve, so can you. Just read their content and see how they have written it and what keywords are they working on. This will give you an idea of whether you are working in the right direction.

Follow on-page SEO practices

Best on-page SEO means inserting the main keyword in Meta title and description, optimizing the URL with keyword in it. Adding keywords in alt tags and placing keyword synonyms in tags. Make sure you have keywords even when you name the images and insert them in between your text. Your content should have enough subtitles to break the content.

Check for plagiarism

Once all your content is ready, you should do the following things:

  • Edit your main draft and proofread it using a tool like Grammarly
  • Ask one more person to proofread it to be extra sure
  • Check the content for any unintentional copy text, as it will hurt your ranking
  • Read it twice to see if the content has a smooth flow.


SEO-friendly content is one that responds to a search engine query and brings the targeted traffic. Thus, if you are looking for SEO content writing services then contact Get a complete team with trained writers who are familiar with best SEO practices. They have years of experience in writing content for a variety of clientele.

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