Friday, September 29, 2023
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Growing plants seem to be very exciting. We buy seeds from the market along with other necessary equipment and start putting mud in the pot and plant the seed, hoping that they soon start germinating and finally grow into a beautiful plant that bears sweet-smelling and bright colored flowers. Spring has already knocked outdoors with its soothing air breeze filled with vigor and positivity. You must be waiting eagerly for this season to arrive so that you can finally step out of your house after the global pandemic and have a lovely encounter with lovely blooms overloaded with beauty and fragrances. If you are enthusiastic about flowers, you must have often searched for flowers online to know about their blooming season so that you may know which flowers can be expected during a particular season. Now that spring has arrived, it is the perfect time to surround yourself with flowers. You can plant certain flowers during this time so that you can have lovely blossoms in your garden throughout the year. Let us try to know more about these flowers. 


Belonging to the mallow family, the hibiscus is a showy flower that is famous for its large blooms. Other names of this beautiful flower are rose mallow and rose of Sharon. Hibiscus is considered to be an ornamental plant. It is used in making tea as well. Hindus offer this flower to goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha. 

Asian pigeonwings

Also known as the bluebell vine or darwin pea, the Asian pigeonwings are a holy flower for the Hindus in India. People often use it as a natural food coloring agent. The Online flowers Deliver Company are also used to make a tea that resembles chamomile tea. Also known as the Aprajita, these flowers are used in Ayurveda and act as antidepressants. 



A popular member of the Olive family. Jasmine is mostly cultivated for its fragrance. This flower is famous for the sweet fragrance that comes out of it. It is due to this fragrance only that Jasmine forms a principal constituent of most of the floral perfumes. Depending on their variety, they can either be deciduous or bloom all year long. Flowers can be yellow, white, or slightly reddish in color. They indicate the purity of hearts. 



People often order red roses online and send them to their beloved to express their love. Roses have been attached to a variety of meanings across various cultures. They have primarily been associated with love and are mostly used for proposals or marriages. You can plant a rose in your garden by cutting the stem of a rose and placing it in well-drained soil. Roses will keep your garden filled with flowers and fragrances throughout the year. 



Initially found in America, the Allamanda is a flowering plant that may grow as a shrub or a vine. Its leaves are somewhat hairy. Petals of this flower had five lobes that resemble a bell or a funnel. Most of the species of this flower are yellow in color. Owing to the shape and color of the petals, this flower is also called the golden trumpet. They are mostly found in wet tropical regions or near coastal areas. 



The twining vines of honeysuckle grow across 180 different species. Its flowers are tubular and are loaded with sweet nectar that attracts insects towards them. Its leaves are oval in shape. The flowers mostly grow in pairs. They can tolerate heat very well and prefer being exposed to the sun. They can be used for curing digestive problems. Honeysuckle is a harbinger of pure happiness. 


Having these flowers in your garden or your house would make you feel happy. After all, flowers are so lovely. However, you shall be patient with these little blooms. Since you will be planting them now, you will have to be patient in terms of their growth. These seeds will slowly turn into a plant and then start beating flowers. Till then, you shall protect your plant from any sort of damage. You must plant them well and protect them from animals and insects. Till the time you don't see flowers blooming in your garden, you may order flowers online and place them in a lovely vase in your living room. 

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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