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Some Insane But True Facts About Suitcases

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We are living in an age where these suitcases are more common than anything else. If we are traveling from one place to the other travel bags are an absolute necessity. Let’s take a look at a few of the insane and fun facts about the suitcases. There was a time when this hand luggage Ryanair was not around.

Only since the 19 century, these bags are around and before that there were chain shaped boxes around the necks of women when they are traveling from place to place. Another fact about suitcases can be found in the Netherlands as this country is seriously in love with bags and suitcases.

If they are out for shopping, they would generally buy two or more bags just to meet with their outfits. The average woman in the Netherlands has six bags in her possession.

There was a time when large suitcases were a fashion adopted by Dutch women. Their average bag was weighed as 2.4 kilos. This trend is changing now as the arrival of smartphones and much lightweight equipment. The women are now leaning more towards the lightweight suitcases.

I was always an admirer of lightweight suitcases. Whenever I am out there looking for a suitcase it is one of my priorities that the suitcase should not be too heavy on my arm muscles. Another fun fact about the suitcases is that a woman spends about 76 days of her life searching for a bag and suitcases.

But you would be surprised to know that a bag has 15 articles in total. When we are going to buy a suitcase we believe that it's going to be useful to carry anything. But the fun fact is we mostly carry clothes, wallets, telephones, handkerchiefs, and pens.

We have had our encounters with cheap and expensive bags and suitcases. I am here to tell you about the most expensive bag that was made with 18-carat gold and 4517 diamonds and it was named Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond. This bag cost almost 3 million euros.

Fun facts apart I have never been near to a suitcase which is very costly. I believe that many factors define the quality of the suitcase. Hand luggage Ryanair cannot be just identified based on the price of the suitcase. Well, I know you cannot exclude the price of the suitcase from the factors but I have seen people judging the products just because of their low prices.

Sometimes the suitcase depicts the personality of the person carrying it. it is most common in women carrying a handbag to depict their personality.

In rich families having a more expensive bag or suitcase is a sort of competition. Large suitcases have always been a symbol of safety and comprehensiveness. Another fun fact about the suitcases and bags is that it a symbol of secrecy. If a woman allows another woman to go through her bag or suitcase it means she let her go through her secrecy.

There was a time when I use to carry my suitcase to the hotel room all by myself as I don’t want anyone to even carry my bag. I know in a 5-star hotel they would never do anything like that to stole a thing from a suitcase but somehow I felt unsecured when someone touched my bag.

But you know it’s a matter of time as now I have gotten used to it. I feel bad when someone is going through my stuff at the airport but you have to do it as it is part and parcel of moving to another country.


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