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Some Mind-blowing Accent Colours to Spruce Up Your Accent Walls

Accent walls make a mighty presence in your home! These have the power to enhance the beauty of the entire room and represent it grandly. Just the effect of this side can be so dazzling! So, naturally, when the presence of these accent walls is so important in any room, you will have to consider the decorating options twice before choosing the same. And the basic factor of decorating any accent wall is its colour.

 Select one of these fabulous colours for your accent walls!

 Paints are considered as the best option to dress up any wall beautifully. And if you are picking up the most trending and charming shades, then the effect of it can be really fascinating. What follows is a fun activity of adorning this wall further with some matching and contrasting accessories and accents so that this part of your room glorifies distinctly. So, just take a look at these popular highlighting shades and call your house painters in Auckland from AYDA Painting and Decorating. They have got skilled people providing you high quality and reliable painting services. After the right choice of shade and their perfect work, your accent wall is sure to make eyes turn!

  •  The mint accent — If you love a minimalist concept, then this mint accent is going to be fabulous for your room. If you are opting for this shade on your accent wall and complementing it with some steel furniture and accessories in nickel or chrome finishes, then the beauty intensifies. Also, some nice basic and earthen décor pieces go very well with this shade. Let’s not forget that the wall plantations can also be a charming addition to make this wall look more alluring. Embrace this shade in your living room, kitchen, or even the dining area to add that X-factor to these rooms.

  • Sky blue accent — Modern decorative room calls for some very light but airy colour shades on the wall. So, just pick up the sky-blue accent and paint only one single wall to make the entire place look refreshing and cool. And if you're complementing the perfect blue shade with pearl white, imagine the beauty of this place. And just as rainbow colours look fabulous on the clear blue sky, you can think of adding as many colours as you want on this wall as decorative additions to enhance the beauty of this room further.

  • Subtle yellow accent — Well, after the blue and green of nature we are going Gaga over the light yellow shade of the sun. This has a distinct positivity in it which is enough to pull up your spirits as you enter this space. Lacey curtains and wicker furniture can add a French country charm to your room. You’ll love the super calm effect!

 Well, these are the most popular and interesting accent shades that are obviously going to add stars to your accent walls. But if you are considering more options, then you also have the pale purple to choose from and complement it with pinks and peaches, the rich chocolate brown that has its own special presence, and we just couldn’t get over the metallic feel you get through the glorious grey. So, have you chosen your favourite from this list? 


Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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