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Some negative aspects of sex considered perfectly normal

Even if you have had one or more sexual partners as a Paris escort, you have certainly experienced both the good and the bad parts of sex. You know your body well enough, you know what you like and what you don't, but also where you want to be touched by your partner to feel maximum pleasure, but still, no matter how experienced you are or how much, there are certain aspects of that hit you, that make you question yourself.

That is why we have prepared for you a list of the negative aspects of sex which, although they seem strange, are perfectly normal.

Sex and weird noises

Remove air from the genitals. Certainly, any Paris escort has gone through this moment, which many of them consider "embarrassing", but which is perfectly normal. You are in the middle of the action, completely lost and enjoying the moment. Suddenly, your vagina makes some strange sounds. This is actually the result of an air bubble in the vagina and it sounds like you have a flatulence. Good news? It is perfectly normal and many women go through this, even if they are not open to discussion. How to avoid this? A Paris escort says she found that these sounds occur when penetration is accelerated, and to avoid them, tell your partner to change position so that the penis does not come out of the vagina at all or be more delicate in movements.

Sex and fluids

You produce a lot of fluids. Whether you have a normal squirt orgasm or ejaculate, both are normal during sex and should not be a cause for concern. In the first situation, the woman has an "explosive" orgasm in which the fluids have more pressure, while normal ejaculation is when the vagina is lubricated in smaller quantities.

Sex and energy

You have no energy after sex. It has probably happened to you that you no longer feel in a "second round" state. Welcome to the club! The explanation is as follows: during sex the body is relieved of stress, relaxes completely and feels the need for rest.

Sex and infections

Urinary tract infections occur. Urinary tract infections are one of the most common problems that women face after sex, and this is because during sexual intercourse, it is much easier for bacteria to reach the bladder through the urethra. The opening of the urethra is very close to the vagina and anus, which makes it easier to transport bacteria to the urinary tract. This can happen even when you use diaphragms, are pregnant, or use spermicides, with or without a condom. To prevent urinary tract infections, avoid normal sex immediately after anal sex. Always wash ahead! Also valid for the partner (especially!). Moreover, urinate both before and after sex with a Paris escort from, to eliminate the bacteria and hydrate yourself constantly to keep your tract clean.

Sex and pain


The pain appears. 30% of Paris escorts experience pain during sex, and most experience this discomfort both indoors and outdoors. Pain can occur from multiple causes. Either the sex is too hard or the vagina is not lubricated enough.

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