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Some of the Most Powerful Women in Business

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A List of Some of The Most Powerful Businesswomen

In centuries past, women were heavily restricted in fully participating in trade and commerce based careers. There were some exceptions to the rule, though. However, gender discrimination ran rampant years ago and the number of successful women in business was overshadowed almost completely by male-driven tradesmen. Thankfully though, dark times have finally past. Today many of the world's leading and most powerful individuals in business are women. Women all over the world sit in some of the most influential and powerful seats at boardroom tables, CEO desks, and other thrones of business and economic prominence. If you glance at the Forbes richest people list you will see many women featured in the prestigious publication. 

In the article below we'll discuss some of the most prominent and powerful women in business. We'll give you the complete rundown on who they are and what field or in which industry they rose to fortune and fame. To learn more please continue reading the article below. 

5 Extremely Powerful Businesswomen of Today 

1. Marillyn Hewson - She is not just one of the most powerful businesswomen in the world, but she sits at the top of the US defense industry's leading company, Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is known worldwide. He produced some of the most advanced state-of-the-art weaponry, aviation equipment, and rocketry ever created. Acting as CEO, Hewson has single-handedly led the company to a current market value of over $100 billion dollars. That's considered an unprecedented accomplishment in the company's long storied history. 

2. Mary Barra - Acting as the CEO of General Motors Company, Mrs. Barra was for responsible for leading the American auto industry out of a financial slump. The 2011 economic crash triggered a list of age-old American auto manufacturers to go out of business. With Mary at its helm, General Motors has harnessed new technologies. Under her direction, she's driven profits forward and keep the company continually barreling ahead as a leader in auto transportation. She recently secured a $2.5 billion dollar investment to spearhead one of GMC's most promising developments, a fully autonomous vehicle that rivals Tesla's very own self-driving automobiles. 

3. Catriona Wallace - This leading Australian businesswomen is an expert in business model innovation. Her single most noteworthy accomplishment is as the founder of Flamingo. In 2014, Wallace founded the company; it specializes in artificial intelligence (AI). She led her flagship company to raise $10 million dollars from the first phase of its inception; this eventually grew it to over $40 million in several years. She is one of only two females to lead a company that is publicly traded on the Australian stock exchange. 

4. Ginni Rometty - Steering the wheel of one of the largest tech companies in the world, Ginni Rometty is the standing CEO for IBM. The company had previously suffered from a half decade long slump, however, Mrs. Rometty has been able to increase profits for IBM by just over 16 percent in one year alone. This increase is likely due to a surge in sales of new products that the company has recently started to produce. The company has entered the cloud computing and personal data crunching sectors, a strategy thought to have trickled down from the top. While the modest and humble CEO doesn't take credit for all of IBM's recent success, she is likely responsible for much of the company's recent profitable shift and more flexible business model. 

5. Abigail Johnson - Holding the position of acting CEO for Fidelity Investments, Mrs. Johnson is one of the most powerful players in the US investment world. She is renowned for growing the company investment portfolio to over $6.8 billion dollars. That's a 20 percent increase when compared to what the former CEO was able to achieve. Many consider her brilliant company restructuring plans the reason why the company has become so profitable. 

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