Sonobello vs. Coolsculpting: Which One is better for Fat Reduction and Body Contouring?


Nowadays, processes that allow for fat reduction without making use of exercises and diet are in vogue. Sonobello and CoolSculpting are two such procedures that are making the rounds. People often ask what is sonobello? What is coolsculpting? Etc. We will discuss in detail both Sonobello vs Coolsculpting procedures and their differences. 

Which is Better: Sonobello vs Coolsculpting 

Sono Bello is a process of laser liposuction which is in vogue currently. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, is a fat-cell-killing therapy that is non-surgical by nature and makes use of targeted cooling. Read the article to judge the best treatment between Sonobello vs Coolsculpting that suits you.

1. Method of Fat Reduction 

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While both CoolSculpting and Sono Bello work to eliminate extra fat, they do so in distinct ways. 

How Does Sonobello Works:- Sono Bello is a type of laser liposuction. This means that a surgeon manually removes fat from your specific locations through incisions. Lasers are helpful in making the skin of the area tighter as well as eliminate the fat in the area. 

How Does CoolSculpting Works:- CoolSculpting is a different process that makes use of a technique known as cryolipolysis, commonly known as "fat freezing." An applicator is placed in the target region that needs treatment by the provider. That applicator cools your skin to a specific temperature. Because fat is more vulnerable to cold than the skin and other cells, 

cooling them kills fat cells while causing no harm to the rest of your body. 

2. Invasiveness 

The fact that CoolSculpting is non-invasive is the main reason why people prefer it to Sono Bello. There are no incisions or injections required. 

On the other hand, Sono Bello is a surgical technique. It necessitates a surgeon, an operating room, and incisions, among other things. 

3. Anesthesia 

CoolSculpting does not require anaesthesia because it is a non-surgical technique. On the other hand, Sono Bello often employs local anaesthetics. This allows you to be awake during the entire procedure, but the area which is being treated will be numb. 

This is significant for several reasons. For starters, it's an issue of practicality. CoolSculpting is an anesthetic-free surgery that allows you to drive yourself home. After Sono Bello, you'll need assistance from a friend. 

Risk is also an essential consideration. There's a danger your body will respond badly to any medicine you take. Although the local anaesthetic used by Sono Bello is less hazardous than general anaesthesia, it is not as safe as not using anaesthesia at all.

4. Treatment Areas 

A treatment of fats using the Sono Bello procedure can be performed on any portion of your body by your surgeon. While it is generally known that there are some significant drawbacks of CoolSculpting, it can be used on practically any part of the body if needed. 

Since the procedure's inception, CoolSculpting technology has advanced, and the manufacturer has added new possibilities. Following body problems can be treated using it now; 

➔ Love Handles 

➔ Double Chin 

➔ Abdomen 

➔ Arms 

➔ Thighs 

➔ Area under the Buttocks aka Banana roll 

➔ Back 

➔ Male Chest 

5. Cost 

sono bello vs coolsculpting cost are different. The price is directly affected by the place of living as well as the chosen service provider. They will also be determined by the number of locations to be treated as well as the number of treatments required. 

Sono Bello Price is higher and charges almost always. Even the average price of sono bello will be higher than CoolSculpting Price. Apart from the expenses of the surgeon, patients have to pay compulsorily for the anesthesia and the operating room. CoolSculpting has a low price tag. 

6. Appearance Of Scars 

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction process that’s non-surgical by nature. coolsculpting results in no scars. Your friends and relatives will assume you've dropped weight if they are unaware of your treatment. 

Sono Bello avoids scarring as much as possible, but it does leave scars. The scars due to the incisions around the treatment region remain for a particular period of time and then diminish as the time passes. 

7. Recovery 

Another important reason why people prefer CoolSculpting to Sono Bello is the recovery time. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, so you can get back to work right away.

Because Sono Bello is a surgical procedure, your body will require time to heal. You'll have to miss work for at least a few days, and the swelling and bruising will persist for weeks. 

8. Results 

CoolSculpting and Sono Bello results will produce similar effects for the majority of patients. However, each patient is unique, and the outcome will be determined by a range of circumstances. 

It's vital to remember that regardless of which surgery you choose, the results will take several weeks or months to appear. You must give your body time to flush out the destroyed fat cells after CoolSculpting. You won't notice the full results with Sono Bello until your swelling has subsided. Coolsculpting results might take a few weeks. 


Body sculpting is a process that requires patience. Though we are all willing to go for the treatments available nowadays, the question regarding the better option still prevails at large. Both the treatments have wonderful benefits of their own though the selection of the treatment largely depends on the preferences that one has for the treatment. 

Choose a great place for the treatment so that you receive the treatments of the highest quality. Rank the priority that you are looking for in the treatment and choose the treatment accordingly. 


Choose wisely, between sono bello vs. Coolsculpting and live better!