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South Africa Wakes Up From Its Slumber


In the domain of smartphones, Apple is associated with the United States of America, China relates to Huawei with Korea closing in on Samsung. The dark houses of the world South Africa has finally woken up from its slumber with an ambitious Mara project expected to take the world by storm. The brain child of this project is a billionaire and business man of Rwanda known as Ashish Thakkar. At the African investment forum the company went on to declare their ambitious plan to develop manufacturing plants in South Africa and Rwanda. At an initial investment conference the company went on to claim that they are expecting to pump in 1.5 million in the South African consortium in the coming 5 years.

During the media briefing held during the course of the summit, the company has gone on record to state that they have plans to develop plants across the five regions of the world.  He went on to record in claiming the importance of smart phones and their positive impact on the continent. With quality smartphones it fosters micro insurance, micro lending and even financial intrusion. This can pave way for agricultural efficiency, better education and digital healthcare in a bid to improve commerce. In the words of the found all this is possible as the need of the hour is affordable and quality smartphones. The situation is dicey as there if there is quality smartphones they are not affordable and if they are affordable then no quality is expected from them. This seems to be the case with millions of smartphones found in South Africa.

Thakkar is of the opinion that mara phone price is comparable to the market standards. In fact it is going to be an affordable high quality smartphone formulated in the continent. A lot of credit needs to go to the African development Bank and their strategy to industrialize Africa. The company is expected to work hand in glove with them and roll it out. It is high that the narrative is to be shifted and the company does expect a bright future in the European markets. This is expected to be an informative phase. Thousands of jobs are expected to be created in a direct manner eventually translating to hundreds of jobs across the continent.

The president of AFDB endorses the same view as the transactions align with the mind – set of the group, more work and less talk. This announcement once again drives home the point that the continent has enormous potential which is waiting to be explored. Just a mere chance is to be provided.

A proud moment of the continent of Africa. At an angle it drives home the quality of entrepreneurship in the continent of Africa. The continent is going to be a hub for development of markets within Africa and possibility of markets outside Africa also exists. In fact they are not going to be the market for Africa but even for the others and this is the focus of the African Investment forum.

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