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Speak Fluent English within 30 Days

People who don’t know English are keeping them backward unknowingly. English is not only a language; rather it is a way of global communication. The use of English is now extensive and unavoidable. For a high-salary job, you must have an English proficiency certificate. Fluency in English is crucial to going abroad for higher study. Besides, start learning english it is essential to expand your business globally.

With AmazingTalker you can practice different languages with a 1-on-1 native tutor anywhere anytime. It means that someone can learn a language like Japanese directly from a native 日文家教 on this 家教網.

So, how can I speak English fluently faster? You can be fluent in speaking English by following these rules. 


a. Read texts and books 

Reading has no alternative to learning a language naturally. It is one of the basic exercises to master the English language. Reading can help learners in multiple ways. It will improve your knowledge of English sentence structures which is much more effective than learning hundreds of grammar rules. Besides, you will learn essential words, phrases, and their practical applications in sentences. If you don’t have a reading habit, you can start from books written for beginner to intermediate learners.

b. Build vocabulary

You can better express your thoughts when you know sufficient words. Vocabulary is the foundation of any language. Though it is not easier to master English vocabulary, you have to learn them by following strategies that work for you. Building vocabulary naturally takes time and a lot of practice. So, learners should not expect outcomes too early. You can start learning 3 words a day in the beginning. After a few days, you will discover a large number of vocabularies in your head.


a. Practice with friends 

Speaking in English is a common fear of learners.Shyness and fear of mistakes are two big challenges to practice English speaking.Whatever, you have to overcome this phobia.Being fluent in English speaking is similar to running.It seems like a nightmare at first, but you can sprint later.So, start speaking English with your friends from today and don’t care about mistakes.The best way to learn to speak English is to talk to a native speaker regularly.

b. Incorporate English into your daily life

Speaking English fluently is easier if you can incorporate the language into your daily life. It doesn’t require a whole change in your lifestyle. You can do a few of your regular activities in English instead of your mother language. For example:

  • Sometimes, share your thoughts on social media in English within a few lines. 
  • Change your phone’s default language to English. 
  • Listen to English songs for refreshment. 
  • Make your shopping list in English. 
  • Try foreign recipes written in English at times.

Thus, your brain will be habituated to English and learning won’t feel stressful. 

c. Watch content in English

Nowadays, we all have internet connections and smart devices. They can be good materials to learn English effortlessly. YouTube and other video platforms have billions of English content on different topics. You can find videos on your favorite topics and watch them regularly. Besides, you can watch English movies to learn through entertainment. Watching English videos with subtitles is very effective to improve your speaking and listening skills simultaneously.


a. Master your grammar

Grammar is essential to avoid linguistic mistakes while speaking and writing. English is a well-known language for having hundreds of grammar rules. But, don’t become afraid of them. Learning the basic grammar rules is sufficient to form basic sentient structures. If you are comfortable with basic rules, go for the advanced rules gradually. Don’t hurry to learn all rules at a time. Take your time and learn slowly with an in-depth understanding of each rule.

b. Do writing exercises on a daily base

Writing is the best way of applying and practicing your acquired grammar rules. So, writing something in English every day is essential for learners. Many fall in trouble with a lack of writing topics. If you don’t find anything to write, you can journal in English. Here, you will be writing your daily activities without brainstorming any ideas. You can also write social media posts in English to practice writing.

Final Words

Joining an 線上課程 can be effective to learn a new language. But, practicing is the key to being fluent. Consistency is crucial for English learners to achieve their desired fluency in Speaking. You will improve faster depending on your dedication. AmazingTalker is a revolutionary online language learning platform for busy learners if they are looking for an English tutor. Its 線上英文 is conducted by native tutors. So,you have a chance to achieve your English speaking fluency faster.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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