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Special Edition: Women Styling Tips from the Experts

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Hello guys, I hope you are enjoying the cool breeze of winter while sitting in the warm rays of the sun, covered up in the shawl, and a mug of hot coffee in your hands. In India, especially the two months - December and January are the coldest. And in these months people just take out the clothes, beddings, sweaters, warm long boots, gloves, and scarves to stay warm. Most of the time they want to be snuggle with their loved ones in a Warm Jaipuri Rajai. Some of them even skip baths and have their breakfast directly on the bed. And It still does not look weird at all. I have even seen people taking work from home just because they didn’t want to leave their bed and come out in the colder world outside.

So overall my friends, the winters are that time of the year when we become a bit lazy and our love for hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and marshmallows increases by a high leap. Apart from that, we avoid going out for shopping. We want the milkman at our doorstep but still don’t have the courage to pick up the milk by walking a 20-meter distance to our main outdoor. While that is funny, it is equally cute as well. 

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When it comes to looks, we women don’t want to compromise anything. We become all set to kill the crowd just with our fashionista looks. But yeah, sometimes we make some styling mistakes that may embarrass us during a gathering or fades our glow real quick.

Even the scientists have proven at the way we look, and the position we stand in is directly associated with our confidence. And without the perfect dose of confidence, no great personality traits can ever come out. So no matter whatever happens, this is not a thing to compromise. 

Apart from what said above, I would like to add that while we can’t instantly change the way we look physically, we can change the way we choose outfits and jewelry to appear more attractive than we usually. And it helps people develop an interest in you and come over to have a conversation. 

One fine day, I was at my friend’s home and she was trying to Buy Silver Nazra Anklets Online. But before she could click the buy button, I stopped her right away. Upon asking I told her to match her skin tone with the color of the anklets she was buying. And know what, they were exactly the opposite. 

She had a party to attend in a few days. And the anklets were to wear on that day. While the rest of her jewelry was gold, the anklets were not entirely silver. They had that oxidized blackish shade. And she was going to wear a ankle gown with them. A total disaster you would say. 

Then I told my friend some tips on how to get ready and choose outfits and jewelry very carefully and keenly. The first tip was to wear everything that has at least one matching element. It can either be the color of a particular stone or the color of the jewelry itself.

The second tip I conveyed that if you are going to wear a traditional outfit, then go along with traditional jewelry only. Don’t choose a handful of modern jewelry and neither a mix of both traditional and modern. The jewelry, makeup, and outfit all three must be there to complement one another and not to contradict. 

Another advice was to wear light makeup if your dress has soft colors. Apart from that, your makeup should be according to the color of your skin. If you are dark-skinned, then the makeup should be light. The colors of your outfits, on the other hand, should never be light in such a case. 

For light and fair-skinned individuals, almost any colors look great. However, there’s a catch. Sometimes, when the color of your outfit is too light while the makeup is too bold, you will just look like an oddly painted canvas. Many women fail to understand this basic trick of getting ready. 

So, when you get ready for your next event, remember the aforementioned pieces of advice. To sum it up, I would say, today is the time of light makeup, colors, and jewelry. But you are trying to make a super bold statement, bold colors should be your preference.

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