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Speculating Transition Into an HR Career: Here’s What to Do

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HR is one such field of profession that requires you to be a well-rounded person, before even having the required skill set for the job. And that’s why people possessing the said personality trait become highly successful at HR jobs. But in the current times, disruptive hr tech has barged into the said domain with its full might, and that’s why the significance of hr tech skills has surged to a high that is unprecedented. To bag an hr job in the current job market, you ought to be skilled in hr tech. One can take up a professional certification online to acquire such valuable HR skills.

HR skills 5a98ec70Percentage of Certified HR Personnel (by Career Hierarchy)
                                                         Source: Payscale

As per a Payscale survey, the professionals on the top of organizational hierarchies are the ones with the highest percentage in terms of holding at least one certification in HR. And, as we move down the career hierarchy levels, we observe that there is less percentage of individuals that are certified. This clearly signifies the relevancy of certifications in the career progression of hr professionals.

HR is a Fast-Growing Career Domain

HR is undoubted, among the fastest-growing sectors in the corporate world, offering lucrative opportunities to the aspirants. The pay is handsome, and it’s only going to increase with time. In the US, the annual pay of HR professionals has been observed to be way more than the national average for all other professions.

Once you gain considerable experience in your hr career and rise to the level of an hr manager, your salary in the US, on average, becomes $67,975 as per Payscale. As you gain more experience with time, say 10-19 years, the compensation rises to a whopping $72,787 annually.

Educational Requirements for Developing a Career in HR

Individuals with varied backgrounds enter the HR domain and do well. However, the preferred qualification for applying to hr job roles is a four-year college degree. The subject disciplines best suited to the profession would comprise personnel management, human resources, sociology, psychology, or a related field of study.

Role of Professional Certifications in HR

Since the advent of hr tech in the said sector, the popularity and relevance of certifications have gone through the roof. Recruiters are preferring certified candidates in the entry-level roles in the global job markets. They are certainly offering a distinct competitive advantage. Further, acquiring hr certifications help broaden your industry knowledge and expand your skillset.

The other fact related to industry-relevant hr certifications that make them more valuable for hr aspirants is that being certified qualifies you to ask for better remunerations. You will get paid higher than a non-certified colleague or peer of yours on most occasions, given that you hold a professional hr credential. Added to that, careers in hr grow faster when the professionals in question happen to be certified.

Primary Job Responsibilities of an HR Manager

  •  Offer consultation to CHROs and HR heads regarding company HR policies, and addressing employee grievances.
  • Managing and overseeing day-to-day administrative tasks. Alongside, executing on divisional operations, budget preparation, and business planning for hr programs.
  • Planning and coordinating HR recruitment, HR initiatives, employee benefits, compensation, learning, and training programs.
  • Ensuring organizational procedures and policies compliance, and maintaining the professional standards within the workplace.
  • Making sure to comply with the federal laws and regulations pertaining to hr & workplace management.

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