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Spine Institute: What Are The Important Facts One Must Consider?

The Spine Institute mainly specializes in the entire range of surgical as well as non-surgical care of the Spine. If someone is having pain in the neck, or having back pain, or any other kind of pain which is mainly going down the leg or in the arms, they will help them. Some of the facts about the spine institute have been discussed in this article.

When a patient needs spine surgery?

In the spine institutes, many of the patients get better without having surgery. But when surgery is needed, the patient will be treated by experienced as well as trained surgeons in the country.

When a patient goes to any spine institute having extreme symptoms, they first always suggest the patient first get an evaluation from their primary care physician. If a person is mainly experiencing low back pain or neck pain, they will usually watch the patient over time.

They mainly encourage them to maintain good, physical activity to see if the said issue is being resolved. If the said issue is not being resolved with any physical activity, or with any over-the-counter medications, or any type of pain management technique, then the next step involves seeing a doctor for an evaluation.

Many patients who are having spine problems can be treated non-surgically. Some of the treatment options like physical therapy, routine physical exercises, or medication and spinal injections are mainly recommended before considering surgery. After getting all of these treatments if the issue is not being resolved, then the surgery becomes a good option.

Characteristics of a good spine surgeon

A good spine surgeon must have the below characteristics:-

1. There may be some cases where surgery is needed, but a good spine surgeon will make sure the patient has exhausted all of their other options first. They will start from simple pain management approaches like the combination of physical therapy as well as anti-inflammatories. Then they try with more complex pain management options like epidural injections, and all appropriate nonsurgical therapies must be considered.


2. One must look for surgeons who have got special designations like “board-certified” as well as “fellowship-trained.” The board-certified surgeons must have passed the required exam, which will act like an indicator showing that they have a high level of expertise in their area of medicine. Spine surgeons who have mainly fellowship-trained have mainly completed additional as well as intensive training in their specialty. Spine surgeons are orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgeons.


3. To provide the best long-term care, as well as quality spine surgeons will mainly work as a part of the multidisciplinary team. They mainly address more than just their patients’ immediate needs as well as collaboration with other medical professionals to develop a detailed treatment plan.


4. Intelligence, as well as the required technical skill, are some of the important attributes for the spine surgeon.  But the top surgeons will also be compassionate as well as communicative. The surgeon must be able to clearly explain their condition or treatment, as well as answer any questions the patient will have. A patient will never feel rushed.


5. The best spine surgeon will mainly be using the minimum invasive techniques, which will be operating with state-of-the-art medical equipment, as well as they mainly follow strict surgical protocols.

Different types of treatment that are offered in the spine institute

Few of the traditional spine surgery procedures which are being offered in the Central Florida’s Spine Institute include microdiscectomy, laminectomy, as well as traditional lumbar fusion. Laminectomy is the type of procedure that is being used in treating spinal stenosis or the pressure that is being built upon the nerves of the low back.

Microdiscectomy is the type of treatment that is being used to treat nerve pain which is popularly known as sciatica, due to the herniated disc touching a nerve in the spine. This type of surgery involves making a small opening in the low back. The surgeon can then identify as well as remove the herniated disc which is mainly pressing on the nerve.

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