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Split PDF Files Free – 3 Best Ways

Splitting PDF is very helpful when you don’t want to share the whole file with someone else. It also helps you get rid of the unnecessary material that is no longer required to be kept in the file. However, sometimes, you want to share a file, and you can’t just because that application you are using doesn’t support the size of your file to share. Then, you also need to split PDF and get smaller copies of the original file divided into different sections. Now, you can easily view, store, and share that file without any obstacles. In simpler words, by splitting PDF files, they become more manageable.

1.    Talkhelper PDF Converter

Don’t get confused with the name. Talkhelper PDF Converter provides you with speedy, accurate, and high-quality results after splitting. When you upload your files for splitting, it quickly splits them without deteriorating the formatting and layout, making it highly recommended to use. The interface of Talkhelper PDF Converter is also very simple, causing you no problem to understand and process the documents.

After splitting the files, it automatically adds the suffix "split" to the filename of the original document. This way, you can quickly locate your files.

When you have several files, and you want to split all of them at a time, Talkhelper comes to your rescue. It has the facility of a batch converter. Hence, you can split more than one PDF file altogether and save a lot of time and effort.

In addition, it also allows you to merge the extracted pages into another PDF file.

2.    PDF Utils

PDF Utils is a splitter tool available for both desktop and android devices. Therefore, if you use this tool, you are not restricted to use it while having an operating system on your desk. You can use it on the go while being offline. We must say, PDF Utils has made splitting so convenient because of this facility. The app is free and lightweight so, you don’t have to worry about the storage space on your device before installing it. It also has different options to choose from for splitting purposes.

It also possesses a simple interface that is easily understandable and works as a PDF merger too.

3. has been a reliable source to split pdf files free for a long time. Because it is compatible with all browsers, you can use it on any device and get your files split without any cost. You can have access to this PDF splitter tool from anywhere. Moreover, it also keeps your files secured and doesn’t allow a third party to access them. The files you upload with the intention of splitting, converting, or whatever are deleted after 24 hours of upload.

It offers more services than splitting, and they all are free. You can use it to split, rotate, extract, convert, delete, or anything that is offered by this tool.

Final Words:

The tools we mentioned above have different features, merits, and demerits. However, they all are widely used for their amazing results. The method of how to split PDF using the tools mentioned above varies a little bit from each other, but the steps are easy to follow in each case.

These are not the only tools available for free use. You can find a lot more on the internet and pick up anyone that suits your needs.

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