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Sports trader: Get to Know What it is

bN0D0OCQglivmhThmIQLeE w54anLrw7MmNfEeS3PQn6uzR4Y5XMuxUec indrKrwL4Vc eDGe a6oeHShD B5ynAL5kpX1G1VMuKlAuV2lxNWDwBzbY0aABaWc9ehvAKZms LM-BMHHave you ever imagined how interesting it would be if you could make money watching football and supporting your favorite team? It may seem like a distant dream to make an investment in football, but it is perfectly possible. To do this, just become a sports trader and invest in that category.


With the help of author Evelyn Balyton, expert in sports betting, we bring you a little more on this subject. You can see her profile here.


Throughout this text, we will explain what a sports trader is and how this exciting investment works. Continue reading until the end to learn more about it.

What is it to be a sports trader?

Sports trader, in a nutshell, is the one who invests in the sports exchange.


This type of investor can carry out transactions in favor of an event in a sports match (called "back"). Just as there is a possibility to also operate against the occurrence of an event in the same match, or in another sport (known as "lay").

Due to the great popularity, most investments in the area are linked to football. However, we can find operations involving basketball, football and even tennis.


Despite dealing with an emotional topic, a sports trader cannot build his investment strategy according to his heart. Decisions must be made carefully, based on concrete and reasoned analyzes.


This routine is very similar to that of the Stock Exchange investors, as it is necessary to follow market analyzes and check what are the best opportunities, given the investor's objective and profile.

How sports trading works

Sports trading is an activity, carried out by the trader of this modality. Basically, sports investment is very similar to the Day Trade of the Stock Exchange. There are up and down trends in market fluctuations, momentum opportunities and so on.


Trading consists of making investments before and during a sporting event, such as a football match.


To start as a sports trader, you need to register for a betting exchange created exclusively for this purpose. However, don't be put off by speculation, okay? Operations must not be done by feeling or pure "guessing".


Those who invest in professional sports media define their strategies based on probabilities and statistics. In other words, as we said earlier, serious analysis is done to understand the event in question (game, race, etc.). Thus, the bet is no longer merely speculative and has a greater chance of success.

Is being a sports trader worth it?

As we have already mentioned several times, this investment must be made with caution. With that in mind, do your research well before you start sports trading.


In addition, investments always require time and dedication. After all, it is necessary to study a lot about the chosen modality and improve in relation to financial education. And remember that every investment has risks, regardless of the asset in question. Assess and know in depth the risks that you accept or do not face. And remember to seek knowledge from those who really understand the subject and can help you go further.

How to get started in Sports Trading?



There are three important steps when starting sports trading. They are:

  1. Choosing the Betting Exchange

  2. Choosing the Payment Method

  3. Studying

Choosing the Betting Exchange

The first and most important step is to choose a bookmaker that offers the possibility of doing sports trading. A great option for those just starting out is Betfair, which features the Betfair Exchange.


It is currently one of the most well-known betting exchanges in the world and, therefore, it becomes a good option for those who are just starting out in the world of sports trading.


However, you can always check on the internet for other options and find the one that you like the most.

Choosing the Payment Method

For you to start investing in the betting exchange, it is necessary to choose a form of payment in order to put money onto the bookmaker’s website. And there are several of them.


You can choose the one that best suits you. From more traditional methods, such as credit cards, to more current ones, such as e-wallets. For example, there are several venmo sportsbooks available and this is a well-used payment method.


This is certainly one of the most important things for you to really be able to make sports trading a source of income. As we have already said, sports trading follows the same idea as normal investments, which is why it takes dedication and patience.


The truth is that you will never be able to become a sports trader if you do not study about the sport chosen to bet and also the betting options available. That's because you need to choose the most profitable option, but at the same time that is most likely to happen.

Without studying it, you will simply become a sports bettor, not a trader.

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