Spotlight on Fleetguard Filters


Fleetguard filters are ideal high-quality filtration components. They are well suited to American trucks.

Who is Fleetguard?

There is a significant presence of American trucks in the transport industry, which has led to a high demand for aftermarket parts for American trucks and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Fleetguard is an Original Equipment Manufacturer based in America. The brand is a subsidiary of Cummins Group, the creators of the world-renowned Cummins engine. This engine’s popularity extends into the Australian and New Zealand markets through its use in American branded trucks like Freightliner, Western Star and Kenworth. Additionally, the Cummins engine is considered an alternative for the Volvo engine that builders of the new breed mack trucks install in their long haul models.

Due to its status as a direct Cummins subsidiary, Fleetguard is the OEM supplier for all types of filters used in Cummins engines.

A trusted name for American truck engines

The biggest brand names in American trucking- Kenworth, Western Star and Freightliner- all come with excellent Detroit Diesel and Cummins engines to match. Conversely, Fleetguard manufactures aftermarket fuel, oil and air filters for use in both engine types. And while Fleetguard is the primary Original Equipment Manufacturer for filters used in Cummins engines, its entire product range, even those for use in Detroit Diesel engines, is manufactured to and above OEM specifications.

Fleetguard filters have a proven reputation in the heavy vehicle industry. The consensus is that they are the most durable, high-performing and reliable aftermarket parts for American trucks with Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines. Therefore, they should be your go-to options when seeking replacement components for your American truck with one of the two engines mentioned above.


Oil filters

Oil filters increase the number of miles between oil changes while boosting truck performance. Therefore, selecting Fleetguard filters increases your truck’s efficacy while reducing repair downtime.

Fleetguard offers two main oil-filtration products:

Centrifuge filtration- The increased adoption of low-emission engines throughout the industry highlights the need for better capabilities of soot removal from engine oil. Fleetguard meets these demands using their centrifuge filtration components fitted with SpiraTec™ technology.

Spin-on Filtration- These filters take engine performance to a whole new level while remaining easy to install.

Air filters

Fleetguard air filters are synonymous with high performance. Their range of products include:

Cabin Air: Designed to provide drivers with a cleaner and healthier work environment.

Magnum RS®: Created for use in harsh environments, these filters are tough and durable. The product’s safety air elements and radial seal primary facilitate optimum performance for longer periods.

Nano Force®: This technology is designed for better engine protection with lower operating costs. It has effectively demonstrated the provision of the cleanest combustion air for use on and off the highway.

Opti Air®: This technology is adaptable to the design specifications of all engine manufacturers. It is patented.

Direct Flow®: This unit offers superior protection, including greater flexibility and air management. Its smaller size makes it ideal for space-constrained areas while meeting global emissions standards.

Fuel filters

Fleetguard offers two fuel filter types for use in trucks. 

Fuel processors- these come with valuable advanced features like fuel heating, water-level monitoring and notifications whenever the need for a filter change arises.

Spin-on filters use NonNet or StrataPore media to extract fuel contaminants, thus boosting engine performance. In addition, Fleetguard calibrates their fuel system protection capabilities to specific OEM standards to help ensure maximum protection.

Reach for Fleetguard filters to ensure that you have only the best aftermarket parts for your Cummins or Detroit Diesel-equipped American trucks.

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