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Spotting a Top SEO Agency in New Jersey –

So, you’re looking for a top SEO agency in New Jersey because your website isn’t receiving enough traffic.

You’re not alone.

Most of small businesses don’t pay attention to SEO when developing their websites.

They work with web developers who do a fine job at creating a visually stunning website, a website that nobody seems to visit.

That’s when they think of hiring an SEO consultant.

What a Top SEO Agency can do for Your Business

nj seo agency

Hiring a great SEO agency is the best thing you can do for your business. A competent SEO expert can get you top search rankings and drive thousands of visitors to your website.

However, working with an unprofessional agency can be disastrous. Not only can it destroy your current rankings, but also delay your prospects of achieving top rankings, sometimes indefinitely.

So, what’s the difference between a professional and an unprofessional SEO agency?

How to Spot a Top SEO Agency in New Jersey

Here are a few qualities of a top SEO company and the red flags that can help you distinguish boys from men.

A Top SEO Agency Offers No Iron-clad Guarantees

digital marketing company NJ

A professional SEO company does not promise you “top rankings within xx days”. It’s because Google has its own (Rank)Brain now. It’s an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based algorithm that analyzes more than 300 different search signals to rank websites.

You can no longer fool Google by stuffing your website with keywords or building hundreds of links overnight. Such “black-hat” tactics have a negative impact on your SEO and do more damage than good.

A top SEO agency would give you a roadmap of the activities it would perform. It would tell you that your rankings will improve because of the agency’s efforts. But, it would not guarantee something that is beyond its control.

A Top SEO Agency Builds Quality Back-links

Builds Quality Back-links

Incoming links are one of the most important ranking factors, but that doesn’t mean your SEO agency should go berserk building back-links!

In addition to the RankBrain, Google has another algorithm names “Penguin”. The Penguin algorithm tracks your back-links and can spot spammy or low-quality back-links in real time.

Consequently, your site might get hit with the Penguin penalty, a site-wide penalty that adversely affects your rankings.

Instead, a top SEO agency creates high-value SEO-optimized content around your target keywords, content that gets discovered in organic searches.

The best SEO agencies also promote your content using white-hat techniques, earning you quality back-links that improve your search ranking.

A Top SEO Agency has Multi-Channel Expertise

Multi-Channel Expertise

If search-engine optimization—keywords, meta-data, link-building— is all your SEO agency ever talks about, maybe you should change your agency.

SEO today takes more than one channel to work. Your content’s performance on social media, for example, is one of the ranking factors that Google considers.

Customer reviews, branded searches, page speed, mobile friendliness, bounce-rate, brand mentions, all are signals that search engine spiders track.

Therefore, a top SEO agency adopts a multi-pronged strategy across different online and offline channels.

At, for instance, we recommend using Google Ads to create brand recognition and generate recall.

A Top SEO Agency Creates a Great User Experience

Great User Experience

Because search engines have grown “intelligent”, they can tell when your customers love or hate what you have on your web pages.

A competent SEO company makes sure your website has a logical structure that aligns with your visitor’s expectations.

It distributes your keywords intuitively across all pages, so when a customer searches for a particular term, they’re taken to the most relevant page.

For example, if a user searches for the key phrase “running shoes”, the user intention is probably to find some information about running shoes.

On the other hand, if a user searches for “buy nike running shoes”, the intention be to buy right away.

A top agency identifies the user intention behind different keywords and ensures that they’re take to a page that correspond to their intent.

A Top SEO Agency Charges Rational Prices


Many clients hire $100-per-month SEO services, only to complain later on that “SEO doesn’t work”.

If you’re serious about your digital marketing and SEO, you should not hire an agency that offers dirt-cheap pricing.

Even if an SEO expert charges $10 per hour and works for one hour a day on your website, it boils down to at least $200 a month.

Add to it the amount of overheads and agency profits and you can figure out why quality SEO services aren’t cheap.

That’s not to say great SEO services have to be expensive.

At we offer top-of-the line services that don’t cost you a fortune, but they do make you one!

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