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Staff Augmentation vs. UX/UI Design Outsourcing: What to Choose

Today, every company faces, at some point, the need to create a website or mobile app to stabilize and reinforce their online presence. A user interface design agencies will create website or app which allow you to directly communicate with customers, thereby improving customer service and helping your business grow.

However, designing a whole new digital product requires a team of professionals including designers, programmers, marketers, and copywriters that not every company has. How to deal with this problem? Should you turn to staff augmentation and hire an in-house team or outsource your project? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Continue reading this post to find out. 

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a strategy that businesses often use when facing new tasks. They have to reevaluate their staff and hire more members of the team in order to be able to cope with the tasks. This is not an in-house team, but rather a temporary team that is only around when necessary for the project.

If you decide to choose this approach for your UX/UI design project, you will need to consult your HR department in order to hire an effective team. 

The benefits of staff augmentation

Staff augmentation has several benefits:

  • You will be able to have a diverse set of skills in your team. You will communicate with the workers directly, and get to know their weak and strong points. 

  • Your staff will understand your brand better because they will be exclusively working on your project. They will get to know the values of your brand and will be able to meet your needs more effectively.

  • The team is easier to monitor. You can get in touch with your team whenever you need and ask for clarification or corrections without any third-party involved.

While staff augmentation has certain benefits, it is not a perfect method. It is also more time-efficient to hire the team. Your employees will need time to adapt to each other and the pace of the company, unlike the team that has been working together for years. Because of the necessary periods of adaptation and training, this approach to the UX/UI design of your product can be more costly than outsourcing the design.

The benefits of outsourcing UX/UI design

According to Clay in San Francisco, hundreds of professional UX/UI design agencies specialize in web and mobile design. 

Here are the benefits of working with companies:

  • By outsourcing UX/UI design, you outsource all your concerns. Full-stack companies take care of every necessary aspect of creating a digital product, leaving you time to concentrate on other tasks.

  • You hire a team of experts who have experience working with similar projects. Large companies have professionals who work on different projects and have more comprehensive expertise. Moreover, a team of people who are used to working with each other is more productive.

  • If the success of your project depends on publicity, outsourcing the design is a better choice. If you work with a large agency they will post a case study about your project on their website and social media or can even invest in marketing it, as it showcases them as professionals.

Working with a UX/UI design agency leverages you from many worries. However, if you work with professionals, the cost of their services might be high. But it all pays you back with a high quality of service and life-long maintenance.


There are two popular approaches to customized UX/UI. You can choose to go with staff augmentation and hire a team with the desired skill set, as this approach allows you to closely communicate with your team and is preferable when working on the projects that are changing over the course of development. For example, if you want to test an idea and need to introduce changes on the go.

Or you can outsource the design of your digital project. One nice thing about this approach is that it frees you from the necessity to hire and train the team. You also don’t need to monitor the process all the time because you can trust it to the professionals.

Overall, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice should depend on what pros you value most.

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